7.6 The Healer Within (Part 1)

“… in the heart, in the silent depths beyond thoughts and emotions and desires, in the cave of God there dwells our secret soul. One of the methods of contacting is given below. There are others and one may choose according to one’s temperament. But whatever the method chosen, one must be armed with patience and sincerity. This is the most radical of all efforts, with results and effects that would last beyond a lifetime and for all future lives to come.”

7.5 The Elusive Magic Potion

“God moves simultaneously along many paths and on all paths. He draws the human soul through countless ways, even ways that the human mind does not recognize since they are so drastically different to what we traditionally call as ‘the path’. He enjoys the differences since it is through multiplicity that we find His Infinity best expressed. For in the last analysis it is not our journey but in each one it is the journey of the Eternal One.”

7.4 Re-establishing Health (Part 2)

“The forces within the individual that help in re-establishing the lost harmony are faith, will and peace. Along with these and as an aid come sincerity, purity, perseverance, strength, and receptivity of the body and mind to the positive forces. A third aspect is to remove the hurdles of negative energies that stand in the way of healing at each respective plane. Finally, and above all, it is the supreme mystery of Grace that cures. Let us now turn to these one by one.”

7.4 Re-establishing Health (Part 1)

“… man threatens his own existence as a race. The comfortable cure, the handy pill, all of them make our physical consciousness a little more obscure, inert, dull and less responsive, even though they may alter appearances. Thanks to these wonderful remedies that save our bodies, we are losing faith in our own powers to heal and recover. The challenge of life is lost, the stress to adapt and thereby evolve through assimilation and harmony is taken away; what is left is a static humanity, perfectly secure but perfectly helpless…”

7.3 Of Systems and Beyond Systems

“…modern medicine reflects a certain self-view of man and as an extension his worldview. In contrast, most traditional methods reflect another kind of self-view and worldview. This divide is clearly seen in the road map of development of the two modes of approaching the human problems of illness, suffering, death and pain.”

7.2 Manipulating Human Nature

“Illness like suffering holds out before our sight the points that need to be shaped and reshaped under the transforming action of Grace. The final remedy also lies in this — to respond whole-heartedly to the pressure of transformation and to consent willingly in all our parts to the action of Grace.”

7.1 An Integrated Approach to Healing (Part 2)

“The role of mind in health and illness is phenomenal. It can exaggerate or minimize the symptoms or even add new ones. Through thoughts full of anxiety and fear we can actually attract the illness or make the existing one worse. Again it is well known that depression depresses our immune system, predisposing us to various illnesses. Most often the mind colludes with the vital and its fears, giving a material shape to our anxieties.”

7.1 An Integrated Approach to Healing (Part 1)

“Each technological advance becomes a kind of biological amputation by eliminating the need of exercising an organ. The result is a robotic life driven by robotic means where one needs chemicals to escape from drudgery and boredom…..But there is another reason for the disturbance of balance. That relates to the aim and pace of life.”

6.3 Stress Management – A Different Approach

“Often the shock of painful external events wakes us to a deeper inner life. All stress, therefore, also has an evolutionary perspective. It comes to liberate us out of the bounds of narrowness to wideness….. The more rigid and resistant we are to change, the greater the stress.”

6.2 Facing Stress — The Ordinary Way and the Spiritual Way

“The spiritual method… uses ‘brain stilling’ rather than ‘brain storming’. Faced with a problem or difficulty, the spiritual man does not rush to collect all available data and strategies. He rather remains quiet and still, very still and attuning himself to a deeper truth within, he waits to receive the inner guidance, the subtle indication from his own higher consciousness.”

6.1 Stress – Helps or Kills?

“…what appears as a crisis and a challenge at the biological level is a pressure for liberation and transformation at the deepest psychological level. All that resists this transformative pressure of evolutionary change — fear, suspicion, greed, desire — leads to disease, disorder and eventually death. All that responds to the evolutionary urge — plasticity, love, faith, courage — grows and develops into a higher perfection.”

5. Illness, a Habit

“Life is the first mystery encountered by us, death is the last. We know something about the events in between and also a little about the processes of life and death….. It is unlikely that a purely physical approach will make us any wiser. Its utility too is doubtful since to conquer death without changing our inner life, prone to suffering and diseases of various kinds, would mean only a prolongation of our present ills.”

4.2 Illness – An Inner Disequilibrium (Part 2)

“We recover and prevent every possible illness when we awaken and put our troubled nature in contact with the soul….. Disease is an anomaly and therefore our focus should be on getting back this state of health once again….. Consciousness is precisely the key that helps us understand the barriers that obscure and veil the natural state of health in us.”

4.2 Illness – An Inner Disequilibrium (Part 1)

“The source of the malady is within us, in the many contradicting and conflicting wills, in each element that chooses to cut itself off from its divine origin and so suffers diminution, disease and death. …. Our body is like a battlefield of many conflicting elements. In this physical body alone, we find all the planes, forces, movements and energies of Nature trying to manifest themselves. The body is the seat of the difficulty. And the body will be the last crown of victory.”