Mrinalini Devi (HH 172)

“A question is often asked about Sri Aurobindo’s wife Mrinalini Devi and the kind of relationship they shared. Thanks to Nirod da’s account culled from various sources, we have enough information to draw a reasonable conclusion. It is a love full of sacrifice and the nobility, depth and tenderness.”

Fraternity (HH 171)

Equality and Liberty remain incomplete unless they are based on fraternity. We discuss this aspect of the triangle that is dreamed off as an ideal human society, a society where freedom, equality and fraternity are respected and acknowledged in principle and practice.

Mother India (HH 170)

” … the number one problem is the problem of Unity. He gave a unique solution to it, a solution that perhaps has begun to stir the depths of humanity. It is the vision of the Mother, – Mother Earth, Mother India, Mother Divine.”

Sri Aurobindo on Shiva (HH 169)

“… in March India celebrates the ‘Mahashivaratri Day’ or the ‘Night of Shiva’. We share some luminous words of Sri Aurobindo that bring the majestic Shiva close to our inner vision.”

The Supramental Standpoint (HH 168 )

“The way we look at and understand people, events and circumstances is very different from the way the Divine views them….. To align our vision with the Divine vision, to align our will with the Divine Will is the aim of our yoga.”

HH 167 Yoga and Idealism

“Recently the secret files of Neta ji Subhas Chandra Bose (1897-unknown) were released by the Govt of India. While they have never met, there was an indirect contact between Subash Chandra Bose and Sri Aurobindo, between a mental idealist and the Supramental Yogi. The subject of this talk explores this side of the idealist and patriot’s life.”

Delight of Existence (HH 165)

“The Mother reveals that Delight is the real solution and not abandonment and an escape into nirvana. This week we go little deeper into this Delight, the Delight of Existence that is within and without, near and far, here and beyond, penetrating, pervading, enveloping all creatures and things.”

A Power greater than that of Evil (HH 164)

We begin this year study with the Mother’s New Year Message of 1957, the first new year message given after the Supramental Manifestation of the 29th Feb 1956, which gives us the clue to the path we must take for the Divine Truth to establish within and around us.

Victory of the Divine (HH 163)

Today during this week of Durga’s victory over the demons, we take a look at what Victory means in the eyes of the Divine and how we can participate in it.

Water (HH 161)

There is an ordinary, scientific view of matter and there is a spiritual view of matter. It is interesting the Science itself has reached that critical threshold wherein it is entering the occult and spiritual realms through the backdoor. One such entry point is the ‘Electrical Theory of the Universe’ and the ‘Fourth Phase of Water.’