Dyuman “The Luminous” — Karma yogi (HH 181)

“His inner contact with the Mother was such that he could draw her out of the deepest trance….. Dyuman was sent to call her inwardly out of her trance into which she had gone in the interval — between her leaving Sri Aurobindo’s side and his taking his last breath. Without a whisper or a touch he is said to have informed her of the need to go back to Sri Aurobindo’s room…”

The Greatness of the Great or the Vibhuti (HH 180)

“Ancient thought has always admired the exceptional, the extreme, the superhuman type of humanity. But what really constitutes the phenomenon of genius in any field? What is its relation to the Yoga of the world as it unfolds itself?”

A rare synthesis in Sri Aurobindo (HH 179)

“… we discover in Sri Aurobindo a synthesis of materialism and spirituality, of world and God, of eastern and western thoughts among many others. Today we share an interesting account of this side of Sri Aurobindo given by a physicist and a Sri Aurobindo’s letter…”

Sahana di (Devi) (HH 177)

Though Sahana Devi’s personal memoirs what comes across again and again is the Love and Grace of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and Their way of dealing with the sadhakas difficulties and unique challenges.

Turning Adversity into an Opportunity (HH 176)

“Sri Aurobindo’s life is a wonderful example of how yoga can be practiced even in the most hostile environment. We find this most strikingly in ‘Tales of Prison Life’, penned down by Him regarding the trial period. “

Mrinalini Devi (HH 172)

A question is often asked about Sri Aurobindo’s wife Mrinalini Devi and the kind of relationship they shared. Thanks to Nirod da’s account culled from various sources, we have enough information to draw a reasonable conclusion. It is a love full of sacrifice and the nobility, depth and tenderness.

Fraternity (HH 171)

Equality and Liberty remain incomplete unless they are based on fraternity. We discuss this aspect of the triangle that is dreamed off as an ideal human society, a society where freedom, equality and fraternity are respected and acknowledged in principle and practice.

Mother India: Indian Nationalism and the Problem of Unity (HH 170)

Sri Aurobindo had written and spoken extensively on the idea of Nationalism and what really constitutes the Indian Nation, and the number one problem, the problem of Unity. He gave a unique solution to it, a solution that perhaps has begun to stir the depths of humanity. It is the vision of the Mother, – Mother Earth, Mother India, Mother Divine.

Sri Aurobindo on Shiva (HH 169)

“… in March India celebrates the ‘Mahashivaratri Day’ or the ‘Night of Shiva’. We share some luminous words of Sri Aurobindo that bring the majestic Shiva close to our inner vision.”