Conversion of the Asura and the Adverse forces (HH 189)

Like all beings, the Asura too has his destiny. It is to be either annihilated or else undergo conversion and transformation. But they can do this only through a human body because of the presence of the psychic being. Man has a role to play in this conflict between the Devas and the Asuras. His soul is the battlefield where the powers of Light and Darkness meet and wrestle. He has to make a choice, a decisive choice so to say. It is man who lends the power to the action of the Adversary and it is man who can make them flee.

Deva and Asura (HH 188)

Evolution is not magic but a real-time event that takes place through steps and processes. Each stage carries its own hazards and challenges, brings its own set of opportunities; opens doors to the highest and the abyss. At any given point of time we may either turn towards the heights or else look towards the abyss. To turn towards the heights is to move towards the godlike nature. To turn towards the abysses is to increase the Asuric propensities in us. The road to Supermanhood passes through an increasing embodiment of the godlike nature…

The Mother’s Child Ganesh, Religion and the Integral Yoga (HH 187)

Ganesh Chaturthi, or the birth of the first among the gods Ganesh, is celebrated all over India with great pomp in the month of September. At one time, this festival was used to unite India in its war against the British. Ganesh is a living and conscious godhead who has a close and loving association with the Divine Mother. Today we take a look at some of the incidents in the Mother’s life connected with god Ganesh, and through these also try to go deeper into the transformation of the religious impulse within man.

Sri Aurobindo as a Teacher in Baroda (HH 186)

At the outset I must admit the enormity of the subject to which none can do full justice, especially in a short time. The purpose however is not so much as to give an exhaustive account but a little glimpse into the life of Sri Aurobindo as a teacher at the Baroda and later Bengal National College. Sri Aurobindo, apart from his administrative duties, was also a professor of French and English at Baroda College.

Sri Aurobindo the Avatara (HH 185)

As we are approaching the Darshan Day of Sri Aurobindo’s birth, let us contemplate on His being as an Avatara, the Avatara of the future ushering for us an Age of Light and Truth and Life Divine.

Guru and the Integral Yoga (HH 184)

The word Guru is a word familiar in the yogic traditions. Though now it is used to mean various different things and is also included in the standard English dictionaries, its original meaning is someone who dispels darkness and brings Light.

Dyuman “The Luminous” — Karma yogi (HH 181)

“His inner contact with the Mother was such that he could draw her out of the deepest trance….. Dyuman was sent to call her inwardly out of her trance into which she had gone in the interval — between her leaving Sri Aurobindo’s side and his taking his last breath. Without a whisper or a touch he is said to have informed her of the need to go back to Sri Aurobindo’s room…”

The Greatness of the Great or the Vibhuti (HH 180)

“Ancient thought has always admired the exceptional, the extreme, the superhuman type of humanity. But what really constitutes the phenomenon of genius in any field? What is its relation to the Yoga of the world as it unfolds itself?”

A rare synthesis in Sri Aurobindo (HH 179)

“… we discover in Sri Aurobindo a synthesis of materialism and spirituality, of world and God, of eastern and western thoughts among many others. Today we share an interesting account of this side of Sri Aurobindo given by a physicist and a Sri Aurobindo’s letter…”

Sahana di (HH 177)

“Though [Sahana di’s] personal memoirs what comes across again and again is the Love and Grace of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and Their way of dealing with the sadhakas difficulties and unique challenges.”