The Master’s Ways with His Disciple (HH 244)

22nd January is Shri Dilip Kumar Roy’s birthday. His has been an interesting and tumultuous journey. But what one finds most interesting and striking through his journey is Sri Aurobindo’s Compassion and the Mother’s Love. On this day we share some of the letters exchanged between him and the Master.

Descent of the Superman (HH 243)

The Mother confirmed the descent of the Superman in Jan 1969. It is a landmark event, the missing link between Man and the Supramental Creation, if one may say so. On the 50th anniversary of this rather lesser known event which is nevertheless of a capital importance to the fulfillment of the Supramental Yoga we dedicate this first talk of the year 2019.

Kali: The Power that moves Time (HH 242)

There are now celebrations in India of the manifestation of Durga and Kali. It is the worship of Shakti, the power behind all things. Today we focus on one aspect of Shakti, on Kali or the Power that moves and changes all Time.

The Forces behind Destruction (HH 241)

War and Destruction are inevitable aspects of life as it is now constituted. Of course man should move beyond this towards an Age of Harmony and Peace. But this cannot happen by a wishful thinking or through government laws. Man must change radically for this miracle of collective existence.

Ahimsa or Nonviolence (HH 240)

The 2nd October is celebrated as the International day of Nonviolence. How does it work if it works at all? Is it good to adopt this as a national policy? These are some of the issues we reflect today in the Light of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

On Miracles 2: The Miracle of a New Creation (HH 237)

The greatest miracle is the supramental change envisaged by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother which is being worked out now as our next Future. Yet this too has a process and there are certain conditions for the change that have been repeatedly spoken of by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

On Miracles 1 (HH 236)

The taste and need for miracles is there in human nature. In its essence it is a need for the exceptional and the marvelous. In its deepest sense it is a need for the Divine in life to assist our human journey.

Destiny and Determinism – The Inner Side of a Story (HH 235)

Sometimes real-life events and stories reveal to us the complex interplay of the various determinisms that weave the play of fate, and we can learn so much by looking deep into that story. One such story has been of the miraculous escape of the Thai footballers stuck in a ‘death-cave’.

The Problem of Equanimity and Action (HH 234)

Among the various paradoxes offered to the spiritual seeker one such is whether to accept things as they are or else to strive towards change. As we rise into a deeper and wider consciousness, these apparently opposite tendencies begin to resolve and reconcile. Today we read the Mother’s words to guide us through this journey.

Coma (HH 233)

There are special spheres of human experience where our Science cannot yet reach and its instruments fail to register anything substantial. One such realm is death, another is of coma. Today we shall take up the issue of coma.

The Physical Yoga (HH 232)

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have given an entirely new sense to the yoga. Vast and complex in its all-inclusive totality, its process remains easy and simple. Today we shall take up one aspect of just one dimension of this yoga, the physical yoga.

Mastery over the Body (HH 231)

Today we share a story where a person in the face of inner distress took to a most unconventional way to bring out the powers latent within himself. The important element in this story seems to be an intense urge to know and to master.