The Yoga of America (HH 154)

The United States of America is a relatively young nation. Today we share some aspects of the American culture in the grand scheme of things as seen by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Swami Vivekananda.

Beauty as an Aspect of the Supreme (HH 111)

The Mother observes: ‘It is one of the greatest weapons of the Asura at work when you are taught to shun beauty. It has been the ruin of India. The Divine manifests in the psychic as love, in the mind as knowledge, in the vital as power and in the physical as beauty.”

Signs of a New Humanity: Oneness (HH 109)

We have been contemplating about the New Humanity. How are we to recognize it? What is the path we need to undertake to arrive at a diviner humanity? The present talk is based on this theme of Oneness which is one of the characteristic sign of the New Humanity.

The New Humanity (HH 107)

Nolini da (Shri Nolini Kant Gupta) ranks among the foremost disciples of Sri Aurobindo. He had the rarest of privilege to have been with Sri Aurobindo right from the revolutionary days. We take up one of his essays on the New Humanity, of which he was surely one.

Message of the Future (HH 106)

What does the future has in store for us? Certain events in our recent times may well indicate to us the working of the New Consciousness and the coming of the New Age. Yet humanity has to cover a large ground before we can be ready for the Promise of the Future.

Our Unique Difficulty and the Path (HH 105)

The Mother: “Everyone is born with … (what can I call it?) some special twist … that’s what remains last of all. With our idiotic human logic, we think, “That’s what should go first,” but it’s not true: it’s what goes last! Even when it all becomes clear, clear, even when you have all the experiences, the habit stays on and it keeps coming back”

The Yoga of the World (HH 104)

We follow the trail of the Mother’s Yoga of the body where Her Body has become the symbolic representation of all bodies and Her Descent into Earth the Supreme’s sacrifice into Matter for its redemption. Step by step the Mother reveals the secret passage out of man to superhumanity that has been worked out in Her and through Her for all of us who can open with aspiration, trust and surrender.

The Double Renunciation (HH 103)

We are called upon to make a double renunciation, – a material renunciation and a spiritual renunciation, that is to say our attachment not only to the material but also to the spiritual way of life as we conventionally understand it.

New Consciousness and Healing (HH 102)

The Mother: “But this thing – healing hands – don’t you have it too? .… You apply your hand and concentrate on … what you conceive to be a higher force – or a Force of Harmony, or a Force of Order….. I think every human being has it in potentiality. At any rate, I always found it a perfectly natural thing.”

The Victorious Power of Love (HH 101)

Words of the Mother: “You know, an ardent faith, a psychic aspiration, a fervor, a self-giving, instead of being forever turned in on oneself, turned in on oneself …. A self-giving, that’s what is needed to save the world! Mental faith isn’t enough, psychic fervor is necessary – self-giving, self-abnegation….”