Renunciation (HH 271)

Renunciation has often been regarded as an important corner-stone of spiritual life, and this has often led to the impression of a gulf between the spiritual and material existence. Today’s talk is centered around the truth behind Renunciation, its real nature and place in the Integral Yoga.

The Old and the New Spirituality (HH 270)

Sri Aurobindo has given a new yoga for the world and man. It is a yoga that integrates life by transforming it into a divine image. Today we share some thoughts of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on the subject taking up Her New Year message of 1970 as a base.

The Way of Kali and the Divine Love (HH 268)

This month we enter the period of Kali when her activity is quite intense. The Mother often spoke about this great and mighty goddess and her different ways of being and action. But She also mentioned what is preferred approach with regard to the Integral Yoga. It is against this background that we base this talk today, the last of this year.

A Prophesy (New Creation or Catastrophe) HH 267

There is a cry the world over pointing at the damage and the harm that we humans have caused to the earth. Several measures are being suggested, but we have to understand the deeper reasons. The Mother and Sri Aurobindo not only foresaw all this, but also shared the vision of the Future.