The Divine Maya (HH 255)

There are of course various forms of the Divine Maya, the Asuric and the Daivi. Here we share some aspects of the workings of the Divine through His Maya.

Mohini, The World-Enchantress (HH 253)

What is this mysterious power we call Nature that enchants the soul? What is her relation with the Supreme? We share some insights on this in the backdrop of a relatively lesser known Indian myth of Mohini, the World-enchantress.

The Double Renunciation (HH 103)

We are called upon to make a double renunciation, – a material renunciation and a spiritual renunciation, that is to say our attachment not only to the material but also to the spiritual way of life as we conventionally understand it.

New Consciousness and Healing (HH 102)

The Mother: “But this thing – healing hands – don’t you have it too? .… You apply your hand and concentrate on … what you conceive to be a higher force – or a Force of Harmony, or a Force of Order….. I think every human being has it in potentiality. At any rate, I always found it a perfectly natural thing.”

Victory over Falsehood (HH 252)

One of the most difficult and perhaps the last conquest is the conquest over Falsehood. This talk is dedicated to this most important victory of Truth over Falsehood.

The Victorious Power of Love (HH 101)

Words of the Mother: “You know, an ardent faith, a psychic aspiration, a fervor, a self-giving, instead of being forever turned in on oneself, turned in on oneself …. A self-giving, that’s what is needed to save the world! Mental faith isn’t enough, psychic fervor is necessary – self-giving, self-abnegation….”

Non-violence and War (HH 249)

Non-violence is a spiritual principle but Wars too, like the Mahabharata, can be an instrument that Divine may use for the evolutionary march of mankind. Today we share the deep insights given by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo on this issue in the backdrop of the recent border conflicts on the Indian borders.

Divine Mathematics and the Number Twelve (HH 248)

Every human activity, including the Sciences and the Arts trace their origin to some celestial deity, according to the Indian mythology. There is a subtle truth to it when we look at the cosmogony of creation. Today we take up one such branch, that is mathematics, especially with reference to the number twelve.

Perfection (HH 247)

Mahasaraswati is the power of the Divine Mother who builds Perfectionю But what is Perfection, what does it mean and how we can open to this Perfection that is trying to express upon earth and in humanity?

The Needed Patience and Faith (HH 246)

The path of yoga is not an easy journey. The greatest difficulties and obstacles here are not outside but within us. We take a look today at some of the things needed to navigate through this tremendous journey.

Worship and the Integral Yoga (HH 245)

The Mother clearly cautioned against forming any new religion or perpetuating the old. But one needs to differentiate between Religion in its essence, religious rituals and religiosity. In this talk we share some letters of Sri Aurobindo and words of the Mother as to what really constitutes religion and old forms or religious practices.