TMV10 free will

10.3 The Intervention of the Grace

If you see some catastrophe coming, can you, Mother, by your effort change it?

That depends upon the nature of the event. There are many things…. That depends also upon the level from which one sees.

TMV10 free will

10.2 The Journey of the Supreme

So long as you are not one with the supreme Consciousness, you necessarily have the impression or the feeling or idea that you are subject to the law of a higher Will, but the moment you are identified with this Will you are perfectly free.

TMV10 free will

10.1 Freedom and Fatality

This precisely is the aim of Yoga, — to get out of the cycle of Karma into a divine movement. By Yoga you leave the mechanical round of Nature in which you are an ignorant slave, a helpless and miserable tool, and rise into another plane where you become a conscious participant and a dynamic agent in the working out of a Higher Destiny.

TMV09 reincarnation

9.6 Families of Souls

How is it that we have met?

We have all met in previous lives. Otherwise we would not have come together in this life. We are of one family and have worked through ages for the victory of the Divine and its manifestation upon earth.

TMV09 reincarnation

9.5 The Incarnation of Evolved Souls

Do many remember that they have passed over and are back again ?

When you reach a certain state of consciousness, you remember. It is not so difficult to touch this state partially for a short time; in deep meditation, in a dream or a vision […]

TMV09 reincarnation

9.4 Emanations of Evolved Beings

After death, does the inner being continue to progress? That depends altogether upon the person. For everyone it is different. There are people — for example, writers, musicians, artists — people who have lived on intellectual heights, who feel that they still have something further to do, that they have not finished what they had Read More

TMV09 reincarnation

9.3 Rebirth and Psychic Development

I have already told you many times that, for the destiny which follows after death, the last state of consciousness is usually the most important. That is, if at the moment of death one has the intense aspiration to return to continue his work, then the conditions are arranged for it to be done. But, Read More

TMV09 reincarnation

9.2 Memory of Past Lives

In rebirth it is not the external being that is born again … it is only the psychic being that passes from body to body. Logically, then, neither the mental nor the vital being can remember past lives … Besides, it is much more important for us to fix our attention upon what we want to become than upon what we have been.

TMV09 reincarnation

9.1 The Process of Rebirth

This precious oneself is just the present impermanent exterior nature which has absolutely nothing to do with the several other formations behind which, as behind the present one, the true being stands. Only the supramental consciousness holds these births as if strung on one single thread and that alone can give the real knowledge of them all.

TMV08 Ilness and Death 1080

8.7 Heaven and Hell

After death people enter the vital world, but those who do good go to paradise?

Where is your paradise? Who has taught you that? They have spoken to you of heaven and hell and purgatory? It is generally what religious priests say to the faithful to encourage them to do good. For it is a notorious fact that life is not more easy for the good than for the wicked; usually it is the contrary: the wicked succeed better than the good!

TMV08 Ilness and Death 1080

8.6 The Domain of Death

The psychic being comes with a definite purpose to go through a set of experiences and to learn and make progress. Then if you leave before its work is finished it will have to come back to do it again under much more difficult conditions.

TMV08 Ilness and Death 1080

8.5 Make a Beautiful Thing of Death

… when one has found one’s psychic being — immediately, you understand — one has the sense of immortality. And one knows that what goes out or what comes in is just a matter of convenience: “I am not going to weep over a pair of shoes I put aside when it is full of holes! When my pair of shoes is worn out I cast it aside, and I do not weep.”

TMV08 Ilness and Death 1080

8.4 Causes of Illness

Sweet Mother, if someone falls seriously ill, is this a purely physical phenomenon or is it a difficulty in his spiritual life?

That depends on the person! If it is someone who is doing yoga, it is quite obviously a difficulty in his spiritual life. If it is somebody who is not at all engaged in yoga […] it is an ordinary accident … The outer phenomena may be similar, but the inner causes are absolutely different. No two illnesses are alike

TMV08 Ilness and Death 1080

8.3 Microbes and Illness

The normal human condition is a state filled with apprehensions and fears; if you observe your mind deeply for ten minutes, you will find that for nine out of the ten it is full of fears…. And even if by discipline and effort you have liberated your mind and your vital of apprehension and fear, it is more difficult to convince the body.