TMV07 the Hostile Forces

7.5 Hostile Possession and the Psychic Being

When we are afraid, is that due to the mischief of these beings?

Yes, my child …. It is through fear that they hold human beings. First of all, they create a movement of fear; the movement of fear weakens you, then hands you over little by little into their power.

TMV07 the Hostile Forces

7.4 The Four Great Asuras

Would it not be better to change them [the hostile beings]?

… After forty years of sustained effort I have found out that it is absolutely impossible to change anyone unless in truth he wants it sincerely.

TMV07 the Hostile Forces

7.3 Vital Incarnations

The wisest way with these beings is to cut off all connection and have nothing to do with them […] To hope to transform them, as some people do, is a vain illusion; for they do not want to be transformed.

TMV07 the Hostile Forces

7.2 Possession by Hostile Beings

I must tell you that the origin of these beings is prior to that of the gods; they are the first emanations, the first individual beings of the universe; so they cannot be got rid of so easily, by winning one war. As long as they are necessary for the universal evolution they will exist. The day they lose their utility, they will be converted or will disappear.

TMV07 the Hostile Forces

7.1 The Hostile or Adverse Forces

“For you must take care of one thing, you must not speak of “hostile forces” when thinking of forces which are hostile to us. These forces are not hostile to human beings, to their quietude or happiness, they are hostile to the divine Work.”


6.4 Love

Love is universal and eternal; it is always manifesting itself and always identical in its essence. And it is a Divine Force; for the distortions we see in its apparent workings belong to its instruments. Love does not manifest in human beings alone; it is everywhere. Its movement is there in plants, perhaps in the very stones


6.3 The Delight of Being

How can one “learn of pure delight”?

First of all, to begin with, one must through an attentive observation grow aware that desires and the satisfaction of desires give only a vague, uncertain pleasure, mixed, fugitive and altogether unsatisfactory.


6.2 Progress and the Psychic Being

Of course one cannot say that every man has got a psychic being, just as one cannot refuse to grant it to every animal. Many animals that have lived near man have some beginnings of it, while so often one comes across people who do not seem to be anything else than brutes.


6.1 What Is the Psychic Being? (part 2)

You must not mistake the feelings for the psychic, you understand! — these two are absolutely different things. People always think that when they have emotions, feelings, they are entering the psychic. These things have nothing to do with the psychic, they are purely vital. […] It’s not through the feelings that one goes to the psychic, it is through a very intense aspiration and a self-detachment.


6.1 What Is the Psychic Being? (part 1)

In the ordinary life there’s not one person in a million who has a conscious contact with his psychic being, even momentarily. The psychic being may work from within, but so invisibly and unconsciously for the outer being that it is as though it did not exist. And in most cases, the immense majority, almost the totality of cases, it’s as though it were asleep, not at all active, in a kind of torpor.


5.8 The Overmind

The Overmind, therefore, does not and cannot possess the power to transform humanity into divine nature. For that, the Supramental is the sole effective agent. And what exactly differentiates our Yoga from attempts in the past to spiritualise life […]


5.7 Reason, Inspiration, Intuition

What is consciousness?

[… ] it is the creative essence of the universe — without consciousness, no universe; for consciousness means objectification. I could also say that consciousness is what “is”, because without consciousness nothing is — this is the best reason.


5.6 Imagination

What is the function, the use of the imagination?

I have always felt that if one didn’t have the capacity of imagination he would not make any progress. Your imagination always goes ahead of your life […] Imagination opens for you the path of realisation.


5.5 The Mental

There is one thing certain about the mind and its workings; it is that you can understand only what you already know in your own inner self. What strikes you in a book is what you have already experienced deep within you.