TMV11 religihon

11.6 Religion and Spiritual Experience

The path must be shown and the doors opened but everyone must follow the path, pass through the doors and go towards his personal realisation. The only help one can and should receive is that of the Grace which formulates itself in everyone according to his own need.

TMV11 religihon

11.5 Spiritual Life and Morality

Sweet Mother, hasn’t morality helped us to increase our consciousness?

That depends on people. […] It is very difficult for a virtuous man to enter the path of God; this has been said very often, but it is altogether true, for he is self- satisfied, he thinks he has realised what he ought to have realised…

TMV11 religihon

11.4 Spirituality and Active Life

But this very attitude of wanting to become identified with the Unmanifest and letting the world suffer, isn’t this selfishness?

Yes. And so what happens is very remarkable, the result is always the same: those who have done that, at the last minute, have received a sort of intimation that they had to return to the world and do their work.

TMV11 religihon

11.2 Religion and Spiritual Life

What is exactly the nature of religion? Is it an obstacle in the way of spiritual life?

Religion belongs to the higher mind of humanity. It is the effort of man’s higher mind to approach, as far as lies in its power, something beyond it … Religion may be divine in its ultimate origin; in its actual nature it is not divine but human.

TMV11 religihon

11.1 The Necessity of Religion

Sweet Mother, is religion a necessity in the life of the ordinary man ?

In the life of societies it is a necessity, for it serves as a corrective to collective egoism which, without this control, could take on excessive proportions.

TMV10 free will

10.5 “The Best Will Happen”

When you look back, all kinds of things which you did not understand when they happened to you, you realise as just the thing which was necessary in order to compel you to make the needed progress. Always, without exception. It is our blindness which prevents us from seeing it.

TMV10 free will

10.4 The Determinism of Death

“If you do not make a higher determinism intervene, truly you can change nothing. That is the only way of changing your physical determinism. If you remain in your physical consciousness and want to change your determinism, you cannot…”

TMV10 free will

10.3 The Intervention of the Grace

If you see some catastrophe coming, can you, Mother, by your effort change it?

That depends upon the nature of the event. There are many things…. That depends also upon the level from which one sees.

TMV10 free will

10.2 The Journey of the Supreme

So long as you are not one with the supreme Consciousness, you necessarily have the impression or the feeling or idea that you are subject to the law of a higher Will, but the moment you are identified with this Will you are perfectly free.

TMV10 free will

10.1 Freedom and Fatality

This precisely is the aim of Yoga, — to get out of the cycle of Karma into a divine movement. By Yoga you leave the mechanical round of Nature in which you are an ignorant slave, a helpless and miserable tool, and rise into another plane where you become a conscious participant and a dynamic agent in the working out of a Higher Destiny.

TMV09 reincarnation

9.6 Families of Souls

How is it that we have met?

We have all met in previous lives. Otherwise we would not have come together in this life. We are of one family and have worked through ages for the victory of the Divine and its manifestation upon earth.

TMV09 reincarnation

9.5 The Incarnation of Evolved Souls

Do many remember that they have passed over and are back again ?

When you reach a certain state of consciousness, you remember. It is not so difficult to touch this state partially for a short time; in deep meditation, in a dream or a vision […]

TMV09 reincarnation

9.4 Emanations of Evolved Beings

After death, does the inner being continue to progress? That depends altogether upon the person. For everyone it is different. There are people — for example, writers, musicians, artists — people who have lived on intellectual heights, who feel that they still have something further to do, that they have not finished what they had Read More