The Iron Chain

The Iron Chain

You cannot see it with your physical eyes, but the Mother’s look is always upon you, her look of love and protection: be sure and certain of that. You carry that within you for all time and wherever you go, wherever in the entire world. You carry in you a portion, a spark of her Love; and that will save you from many difficulties, from much danger. If you can keep that in your active memory, it will be still more beneficial.

MOthers playground with title

Mother’s Playground

People coming from outside ask even now, “What is the Ashram doing for the country, for the world?” Mother answered simply, “I am doing something which is not done anywhere else in the world — I am awakening the soul in my children, the soul that alone can save and nothing else.” … The Mother is holding it in you; you come in contact with it through your contact with the Mother. Love the Mother, be one with her; then you will find and be this living soul of yours.

The Golden Chain

The Golden Chain

“… when you look at the world and its happenings, you feel very much distressed, disgusted — remember that there is another reality behind: it is the Mother’s Presence that redeems all that. In any mood of depression, dejection, difficulty, always know that it is there in you to support you, to bring you peace and strength, and it is never failing.

Words Words Words 2

“Words, Words, Words” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“… the Mother has left with us not merely her consciousness but a conscious being, a part of her living personality in us; that is the divine legacy we enjoy. We must not simply be proud of it but try to prove ourselves worthy of it.”

NTE 07 What is to be done

“What Is to Be Done?” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“… for those who aspire not only to educate and polish their mind but also to heighten and transform their consciousness, for them today is needed a Tapasya, a concentration, an intense concentration of all their force and will on that one aspiration, on that one arduous effort. For them the only thing to do is self-purification…”

The great holocaust red

“The Great Holocaust (Cchinnamasta)” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“The new creation is already here, forming itself; whatever is happening now in the Ashram and outside is happening so that it may come forward all the sooner. She is breaking the outer scaffolding within which the new reality has been established […] It is Mother’s action with her own Self. She has taken her Chhinnamasta form. All the things she is destroying are her own selves…”

The Ashram the World and Individual m

“The Ashram, the World and the Individual” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“…the pressure from above has come to change things and for that purpose all the dark points, all that has to be changed and rejected, have been exposed. They have been exposed everywhere — in the Ashram and also outside the Ashram, in the country in general — the same defects and weaknesses, the same wrong movements.”

inner fire of immortellle

“The Ashram: Inner and Outer” – Nolini Kanta Gupta

“… this ashram that I saw was in fact the inner reality of our ashram here, the inner ashram which is within us all; what we see at present is the outer form, the material form, which is a good deal deformed and even falsified in many ways. … Now our task is to come more and more in contact with that reality even in our waking moments, to be conscious of that which is nothing but the Mother’s Presence. “