Dyuman Recollects (audio)

A short (11 min) conversation from 1989, where Dyuman bhai recites a Prayer from The Mother’s Prayers and Meditations, and recollects some events from his life in the Ashram.


The Mother’s Withdrawal – a Talk by M P Pandit

“… on the morning of 17th November at about nine o’clock, a particular friend of mine — he has certain grounding in occult experience, occult knowledge, and normally when we meet, we exchange notes — told me, “I have seen The Mother’s body of light.” I got interested. He said, “The new body is full of light but it is not yet dense enough to function in the earth conditions….. ” And he added, “Those who are capable of seeing the Mother’s halo, aura, they will be able to see that luminous body.”


A Talk on the Service Tree by Dyuman (1988)

Our recent post Dyuman “The Luminous” – Karma yogi contained a talk by Alok Pandey and an essay by Krishna Chakravarti. Continuing this theme, today we are offering an audio recording and a transcript of conversation with students, which Dyuman had on 2 February 1988, talking about history and significance of the Service Tree.


On Supramental Body – A Talk by Amal Kiran (1971)

The offered talk on Supramental Body gives a rare glimpse at Amal-da’s interpretation of this profound future development, which was predicted and described by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, but is very difficult to grasp. The talk was recorded in 1971, and we are not aware of any printed transcript.

professorVyas mod

Two Talks of Prof Jagdish Vyas (video)

Prof Jagdish Vyas (1932-2009) is a well known figure in the Integral Yoga community. He has left behind a large legacy, having contributed to the community in multiple ways, including founding and shaping a major center of Integral Yoga in USA (SAYFNA), authoring or editing multiple books and magazines related to Sri Aurobindo and The Read More


Johannes Hohlenberg and his connections with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother (talk by Anusuya Kumar TP 05)

Dr Anusuya Kumar (School of Culture & Society, Aarhus University, Denmark) earlier this year presented her research work on Johannes Hohlenberg (1881-1960) encounter with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. An audio recording of this presentation TP 05 can be found in our archive here:  http://auromaa.org/talks-performances-audio/ Johannes Hohlenberg (1881—1960) was a Danish artist and author, who Read More

“Auro-Ratna Award” to Prof. Manoj Das

“Auro-Ratna Award” to Prof. Manoj Das

The sixth “Auro-Ratna Award” given to Shri Manoj Das by Overman Foundation. Ceremony was held on Sunday, 15 November 2015 at the ‘Hall of Harmony’ in the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry, India.