Living Within (in Hindi) m1

Living Within (in Hindi)

This talk focuses on some of the principles and processes of living within, how one can cultivate a spirit of equanimity and remain quiet while facing the difficulties of life and the journey of yoga.

The Mystery of 5th December 1950

The Mystery of 5th December 1950

5th December is the day of Sri Aurobindo’s withdrawal. This talk touches upon some salient aspects of this Divine Sacrifice.

Concentration cover (Hindi) 1080 last


The talk deals with certain aspects of concentration and forming a relationship with the Divine.

The Yoga of Matter cover (Hindi)

The Yoga of Matter (in Hindi)

One of the biggest knots and gaps in our spiritual understanding is with the material world itself. Why and how it has all come into existence. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have a luminous answer to this cosmic riddle.

Important Questions 2m

Important Questions (in Hindi)

Dr Alok Pandey meets with students of Gopinathpur, Odisha, in 2018. The talk is about some of the important questions we must ask and see how their answers change.

The Divine Work and the New Creation 1

The Divine Work and the New Creation (in Hindi)

This talk is about the nature of Work undertaken by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, especially with regard to the New Creation and the time taken for transition between the old and the new.

The Mystery of Birth

The Mystery of Birth (in Hindi)

This talk focuses upon the mystery of the soul’s birth in physical matter, the constitution of matter and the purpose of our human birth.

Army of Light and Truth2

Prakash ka Yodha (in Hindi)

This talk focuses on the warrior aspect of one aspiring for a greater life. It takes up especially the aspect of Truth that we must discover before becoming instruments of the Divine. It also deals with the qualities of a true leader.