The Divine Work and the New Creation 1

The Divine Work and the New Creation (in Hindi)

This talk is about the nature of Work undertaken by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, especially with regard to the New Creation and the time taken for transition between the old and the new.

Army of Light and Truth2

Prakash ka Yodha (in Hindi)

This talk focuses on the warrior aspect of one aspiring for a greater life. It takes up especially the aspect of Truth that we must discover before becoming instruments of the Divine. It also deals with the qualities of a true leader.

A Silent Revolution m

A Silent Revolution (in Hindi)

Sri Aurobindo’s yoga is not done for oneself alone but for the Divine. It’s larger aim and scope is eventually not just an individual but a collective transformation. This talk focuses upon some of the processes of this yoga which is meant to have an impact upon the world.

TH 213 How to make decisions

How to Make Decisions (a talk in Hindi)

An interactive session with children from Odisha school on the decision making process. The various levels and ways of decision making are discussed against a background of our integral growth and spiritual evolution.

Title mod

Indian Nationalism (a talk in Hindi)

Nationalism is not opposed to Internationalism but a needed complimentary. It enriches the world rather than opposes its evolutionary march. India too is going through its own process and period of soul-searching. This talk is about the soul of India and true nationalism that will prepare us rightly for the future.

The Essence of Worship 1080

The Essence of Worship (in Hindi)

Worship is often taken as a ritual but there is a deeper sense within it, and if rightly done it becomes a means to enter into the consciousness of the worshipped. But more important than worship is to embody the qualities that are represented in these great luminous beings.

TH 216 Vani evam Bhasa cover m

Vani evam Bhasa (in Hindi)

This is an interactive session with students of an Integral School in Odisha with focus on the beauty and power of speech. It deals also with certain related aspects such as bhajans, body language and the role of sound.

The Descent of the Superman m 1080

The Descent of the Superman (in Hindi)

On the 1st January 1969, an event of tremendous importance to the yoga of Sri Aurobindo took place. On the 50th anniversary of this momentous event, we share few glimpses of what the Mother described as ‘The Descent of the Superman.’

The Mother's Work on humanity (in Hindi) 1080

Sri Maa ka manusya hetu karya (in Hindi)

Here, today we touch upon a very small but important aspect of Her Work which concerns mainly our humanity and how we can collaborate with it. There are many other aspects of Her Work that are not being discussed here for want of time.