TH 055 cover

Ascetic, Yogi, Rishi and the New Possibility (TH 055)

The transformation of nature and divinization of life was not intended in classical yogas. But new aspiration for earthly transformation has been planted upon earth and those who are open to it are progressing towards this new possibility that goes beyond all the various spiritual types that the earth has witnessed up till now.

TH 054 cover

The Background of Yoga (TH 054)

When we start to prepare ourselves for yoga, we have to prepare the background first. A firm background is necessary because the path of yoga is full of different experiences and lots of unpredictable challenges.

TH 051 cover

The Process of Evolution (TH 051)

The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo has taken up the whole nature and life as the field of yoga. Here it is not rejection but to purify the nature and feel the unity and Oneness of God in everything and everywhere.

TH 048

The Way of Aspiration (TH 048)

The journey of aspiration and faith is not just a journey of one life but continues in an ascending line through many lives and forms. Therefore we must guard our aspiration and faith like a priceless treasure which we carry with us beyond the grave and the pyre.

TH 046 Ilion 8 The War 1080

Ilion 8: The War (TH 046) – a talk in Hindi

Here the book ends, alas incomplete. The poem is unfinished, (some pages are lost), even then, Ilion is a wonderful gift to mankind by Sri Aurobindo. However, the speaker has connected the lost chords and told us the story till the end.

TH 044 Ilion 6 The Irony of Destiny 1080

Ilion 6: The Irony of Destiny (TH 044)

Here Sri Aurobindo reveals the feelings of most of the key characters of Ilion in his unique way. The mothers, the lovers, the workmen, the peasants, the judges and the great warriors go about their normal lives without the least idea of the destruction that the future is going to bring about.

TH 043 Ilion 5 Achilles and War 1080

Ilion 5: Achilles and War (TH 043)

The reason why the most glorious and developed city like Troy was destroyed is a very subtle one and Sri Aurobindo explains it at length. If any part of society develops too much at the expense of others, then Nature has a tendency to bring it down so as to ensure a more holistic development.

TH 042 Ilion 4 Paris and Helen 1080

Ilion 4: Paris and Helen (TH 042)

Trojan war was fought upon earth, but it was decided by the gods to bring about momentous changes in Greece. If gods have designed the war, men must do their lot. Surpassing their manhood and growing even greater than the gods, they must fight with destiny like true Trojans.