TH 062 Calling and Pulling 1080

Calling and Pulling (TH 062)

Calling is generally connected with our inmost aspiration. Pulling, on the other hand is more of an egoistic movement, generally to want something or desire an experience. It indicates haste and a lack of trust and surrender.

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Q&A on Psychic Emergence, Symbols, Fate (TH 061)

Personal efforts towards the realization of one’s psychic being are required and should be done. But by personal efforts only one cannot discover the psychic being. The discovery is ultimately an act of Grace.

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Ways of the Divine (TH 060)

Instead of being divinised, man tries to humanise God. But the ways of God can only be understood in the light and understanding of the soul. The mind cannot comprehend spiritual things. That is why The Mother gives so much importance on finding of the soul.

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The Parable of the Search for the Soul (TH 059)

This talk is based on Savitri, Book seven, Canto II. It is about a tremendous inner journey that Savitri undertakes even as she arms herself with the power to take on the challenge of Death.

TH 058 The Psychic Being and the Nature 1080

The Psychic Being and the Nature (TH 058)

When the psychic unfolds, a range of experiences and states of consciousness can emerge. A deep and quiet devotion towards the Divine is an obvious sign. There is also the growth of soul-powers such as faith and gratitude, enthusiasm for the Divine Service, urge for progress, spontaneous intuitive knowledge.

TH 057 How to Light the Psychic Fire 1080

How to Light the Psychic Fire (TH 057)

To light the psychic fire is the most important initiation in human life. Before that human life is not much connected with the true goal of life. Once the psychic fire is lit, then the whole life and its activities are offered to the Divine.

TH 56 Fate, Free-will and Evolution

Fate, Free-will and Evolution (TH 056)

The whole life and its experiences are a preparation and the evolution of the psychic entity within us. Our ordinary nature has no free will, though it feels like it has. But it is an illusion.

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Ascetic, Yogi, Rishi and the New Possibility (TH 055)

The transformation of nature and divinization of life was not intended in classical yogas. But new aspiration for earthly transformation has been planted upon earth and those who are open to it are progressing towards this new possibility that goes beyond all the various spiritual types that the earth has witnessed up till now.

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The Background of Yoga (TH 054)

When we start to prepare ourselves for yoga, we have to prepare the background first. A firm background is necessary because the path of yoga is full of different experiences and lots of unpredictable challenges.

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The Process of Evolution (TH 051)

The Yoga of Sri Aurobindo has taken up the whole nature and life as the field of yoga. Here it is not rejection but to purify the nature and feel the unity and Oneness of God in everything and everywhere.