TH 024 1080

Spiritual Life (a talk in Hindi TH 024)

Behind many accepted social or religious truths of human life we can see a spiritual truth. When these truths are followed without proper knowledge or out of fear, they hardly help in the growth of a person, because growth comes with the growth of the state of consciousness.

TH 018 Freedom and Rules in the Yoga 1080

Freedom and Rules in the Yoga (a talk in Hindi TH 018)

It seems outwardly that in integral yoga there is minimum amount of rules, but in fact the rules are very subtle and demand far more vigilance, as they are an inner necessity rather than outer imposition. Also, the outer rules may not be the same for each individual as each one’s nature and stage different.

TH 016 1080

Inner Opening (a talk in Hindi TH 016)

One’s inner attitude determines the way of spiritual life, so the path of genuine evolution opens from within outwards rather than outside in. An inner initiation spontaneously happens with the growth of inner preparation and opening. It could come like a Mantra, or a sentence or an experience. The whole of our life gets its true meaning from this awakening.

TH 014 1080

Sraddha or Faith (a talk in Hindi TH 014)

In this yoga one needs faith that the Divine exists and will reveal Himself in response to our sincere aspiration by His own Grace. Once this fundamental faith is there, a thousand failures cannot stop him achieving the goal.