TH 043 Ilion 5 Achilles and War 1080

Ilion 5: Achilles and War (TH 043)

The reason why the most glorious and developed city like Troy was destroyed is a very subtle one and Sri Aurobindo explains it at length. If any part of society develops too much at the expense of others, then Nature has a tendency to bring it down so as to ensure a more holistic development.

TH 042 Ilion 4 Paris and Helen 1080

Ilion 4: Paris and Helen (TH 042)

Trojan war was fought upon earth, but it was decided by the gods to bring about momentous changes in Greece. If gods have designed the war, men must do their lot. Surpassing their manhood and growing even greater than the gods, they must fight with destiny like true Trojans.

TH 041 The assembly 1080

Ilion 3: The Assembly (TH 041)

There is a great assembly in Troy and all great warriors including Paris are giving their views towards the future action to be taken. Sri Aurobindo has so beautifully given the words to each character that they become a representative humanity.

TH 040 The Debate 1080

Ilion 2: The Debate (TH 040)

In this talk we see the three key words that Greece talked most – destiny, gods and man. The whole humanity struggled to understand the meaning, significance and the connection of these three words.

TH 037 1080

Power of the Word and the Aryan Way (a talk in Hindi TH 037)

Sri Aurobindo released the power of the Word through the Arya and various other writings that are now available in the form of books such as ‘The Synthesis of Yoga’, ‘The Life Divine’, ‘The Human Cycle’ apart from his commentaries on the Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita. The word Arya itself has a profound meaning.

TH 035 1080

The Five Dreams of Sri Aurobindo (a talk in Hindi TH 035)

When the divine takes a human form, he brings with him some precious gifts for his lovely daughter earth. These are the dreams that he implants in earth’s subtle atmosphere. When earth and man is ready these gifts will begin to reveal themselves. In his well-known message given on India’s Independence, Sri Aurobindo mentions five dreams.

TH 034 1080

Slave of God (a talk in Hindi TH 034)

Sri Aurobindo’s message to Champaklal brings us a deep truth: ‘The divine gives himself to those who give themselves to the Divine; for them, the infinite seas of bliss, of knowledge, of peace, of oneness of Ananda.’

TH 031 1080

The Light of Savitri (a talk in Hindi TH 031)

Savitri is not a mental creation and hence cannot be understood by mere mental reasoning. This poem is of a revelatory nature, like a sunlight in which one can bathe and change, receive and be energized. It is the story of Light conquering Darkness, and of Love conquering Death.

TH 030 The Destiny of Man and of India

The Destiny of Man and of India (a talk in Hindi TH 030)

Sri Aurobindo worked in different aspects of human consciousness and everywhere he established the needed lines along which humanity could grow and progress. All that is needed now is a sincere Yes from our side and an opening to the Divine Consciousness that He has brought down and established upon earth.

TH 027 1080

Religion and Spirituality (a talk in Hindi TH 027)

Spiritual life is a life dedicated towards God realization or the seeking after Truth and Peace and Bliss. Religious life is however not so much of a seeking but living according to some belief systems. Sometimes religious life can be a preparation for the spiritual but very often it stops our progress by keeping us tied to certain fixed and limited formulas.