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The Sailor on the Flow of Time (2/9)

This talk is based on a passage from Savitri, where Sri Aurobindo describes the soul as a sailor voyaging through Time towards Eternity. The steps and stages of the journey are beautifully marked through significant images.

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The Aim of Life (1/9)

This talk is about the various aims of human life through which the soul moves along its evolutionary journey. This aim is not so much of a mental choice as of a growing unfolding of the Divine Script in man.

A Brief Outline of Yoga as Evolution

A Brief Outline of Yoga as Evolution

Yoga is a concentrated evolution; it is a means of bringing out the highest and deepest possibilities latent in man. Right now our life is hampered and limited in many ways. The human mind and senses as they are presently organized are fundamentally incapable of overcoming these limitations. Yet there is, in man, a quest sublime to exceed and transcend himself.

Savitri - The New Aspiration in Humanity alt f

Savitri: The New Aspiration in Humanity

Sri Aurobindo has brought and implanted upon earth a new aspiration, the aspiration for terrestrial perfection, for an integral fulfillment of life. Savitri serves as an intermediary to awaken and help this aspiration to grow in man.

The Joy of Living 3r mod

The Joy of Living

A talk with the following question and answer session by Dr Alok Pandey at the Centurion University, Paralakhemundi, Odisha, which took place in January 2018.

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Sri Aurobindo – An Embodiment of Tyaga and Tapasya

What is the essential core of Sri Aurobindo’s vast and complex personality? On the one side we see him as an embodiment of tyaga (renunciation) and tapasya (concentrated spiritual endeavour), on the other – his tremendous compassion for earth and humanity.

Savitri - Creating a New Humanity 1080

Savitri: Creating a New Humanity

Savitri, the mantra of transformation is not only a vision but also an action. Sri Aurobindo has revealed here all that has to be known of our past, our present and the future of the human race with earth as the center-stage of the epic drama of creation.

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Savitri: Initiation (How to Begin this Yoga)

A question is often asked about the initiation in this yoga. Savitri in fact starts with this process. It opens with an initiation of the earth and humanity into the yoga of creation. Indeed reading Savitri itself may serve as an initiation for the Path.