Child as a soul 1080

Child as a Soul in Evolution

Breaking free from both tradition and modernity, the talk brings fresh insights into child development and human nature. A few examples from scriptures and real life draw attention to the real needs of a child.

TE 212 Parenting in the New Age (SAS BO)

Parenting in the New Age

Why does one get married? Or, why should one bring a child into this world? Reflecting upon such fundamental questions in a sincere and objective manner helps an adult become more conscious of his or her choices when it comes to entering the householder stage of life.

Man-woman relationships

Man – Woman Relationships: A Spiritual Perspective

Dr Pandey speaks about intrinsic inner equality between men and women, the deeper significance of Hindu marriage traditions, the gradual evolution of man-woman relationship within the context of marriage, and the necessity for an independent path of growth of each partner in the relationship.

The Divine Feet blue 1080

The Divine Feet

A talk by Dr Alok Pandey at Brahmanaspati Kshetram, a Centre dedicated to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and located in Edayanchavadi village, Auroville area.

Two lines 1080m

Two Lines of Human Evolution – a satsang with Dr Alok Pandey

There are two lines of evolution along which humanity can advance. One is the Asuric line which is primarily towards the capacities of his mental, vital and physical life. Another is the line of the Devas, the godlike climb of man which is a change of human into a diviner, nobler human being.

Our future possibility br 1080

Our Future Possibility

An informal sharing on Savitri with Dr Alok Pandey before a talk at the 2017 Retreat at Sri Aurobindo Yoga Foundation of North America, New Jersey, USA.

Can we change our destiny M

Can We Change Our Destiny?

We have to go beyond the over-simplistic notion of good and bad fortune and look at the deeper causes that work from behind. It is in these depths and heights that we can discover the secret levers that can change our fate.

JS 8

The World-Mother (8/9)

This talk is based on a passage from Savitri pp. 295 – 296 (B2C14), when Aswapati is face to face with the World-Mother and his gesture of complete surrender to Her. It is She who then opens the doors to the Greater Knowledge for him.

JS 7

Advent of the Divine Mother (7/9)

This talk is based on the passage in Savitri pp. 345–346 (B3C4), describing Aswapati’s final invocation and the Divine Mother’s sanction of the boon of Her coming.

JS 6

The Conversion of Death (6/9)

The talk is based on understanding the symbol behind the characters in Savitri as revealed in the Author’s note, the symbol of Death that surrounds earthly life and its eventual annihilation. The talk also touches upon Tantra. The passages taken up here are from Savitri pp. 480 – 483 and 664 – 667.

JS 5

The Soul’s Choice (5/9)

This talk is based on pp. 685 – 689 of Savitri. It starts with a question from one of the participants about the problem of action. After initial discussion the conversation turns towards Savitri.

JS 4a

The New Creation (4/9)

This talk is based on a passage from Savitri pp. 323 – 325, where Aswapati is shown the secret plans of the Supreme that the Divine Mother has hidden in Her heart.