The Journey of Love 1280

The Journey of Love

“Awakened to the meaning of my heart
That to feel love and oneness is to live
And this the magic of our golden change,
Is all the truth I know or seek, O sage.” [Savitri: 724]

The Path of Yoga (video)

The Path of Yoga

Spiritual evolution can be very disorienting. We live our lives according to certain set patterns, ideas, beliefs, which are appropriate to the humans. But as we enter into higher levels, experience touch of the limitless vast, these ideas and patterns must fall away…


Human Love

“Of all the powers that have gone into creation, the most powerful admittedly is Love. Without Love, creation could not be, without Love creation could not be pulled out of its darkness. But what really is Love, this most powerful lever that moves all things? It is the Mystery of mysteries, the Great Secret…”


Beyond Religions, Sects and Cults

The age of religions is over. When a great Master comes and releases certain teachings, they have to be expressed in a body of words, which we understand in a human way. Every great teaching has an eternal element, the Sanatan Satya, but to receive it we have to go beyond the customs and external things in which it is trapped…

Supermind and a Spiritualised Humanity (video)

Supermind and a Spiritualised Humanity (video)

This world is not what it appears to be. It is a distorted appearance of a reality, and we are playing with this distorted appearance. Because we don’t perceive it rightly, therefore our responses are also not right responses. And here we use “right” not in the sense of a morally right and wrong, but from a higher standpoint. Moral framework we use to navigate through the appearances …

Finding the Divine in daily life 7: Attitudes (video)

Finding the Divine in daily life 8 – The Discovery (video)

The eighth and concluding talk of Alok bhai’s series “Finding Divine in Daily Life” – The Discovery , 2015 Retreat in Greenville, South Carolina, USA: To stay updated on all future video posts, please subscribe at AuroMaa Channel on YouTube (you can type )