TE121 Supermind and the Spiritualized Humanity cover 1080

Supermind and a Spiritualised Humanity

This world is not what it appears to be. It is a distorted appearance of a reality, and we are playing with this distorted appearance. Because we don’t perceive it rightly, therefore our responses are also not right responses.

Qualities for Life and Yoga (cover)

Qualities for Life and Yoga

The talk is about choices, decisions, and qualities, such as endurance, needed to make our life beautiful and divine. Followed by questions and answers, including ones on Auroville.

The Luminous Future for Earth and Man

The Luminous Future for Earth and Man

This talk centers around the future envisaged and assured by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for earth and man. Evolution is not finished and man is not the last and final product of creation.

Reflectrions on Self Mastery

Reflections on Self-Mastery

This talk dwells upon some of the fundamental issues in the practice of self-mystery. It is an overview of the subject reflecting upon the need and process of self-mastery.