2019 12 World Transformation in Savitri

World Transformation in Savitri

Sri Aurobindo spoke of transformation and the collective yoga. This talk takes up this subject of how we can participate in the process of world transformation in the light of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

New Year Resolutions cc

New Year Resolutions

An interactive session with school students. Subjects include decisions, impulses and resolutions in everyday life.

The Great Secret

The Great Secret: Remember The One, Be Simple

Quoting the Mother’s Words: “That is a great secret of sadhana, to know how to get things done by the Power behind or above instead of doing all by the mind’s effort. The great secret is to learn to give oneself …”

Why do bad things happen 3MOD

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

This talk was facilitated by Anurag Banerjee and delivered as a part of the seventh Subhash Kumar Mukherjee Memorial Oration, organised by the Overman Foundation on the 20th December 2019.

Dealing with Adverse Forces - cover

Dealing with Adverse Forces on the Path of Yoga

This is a re-post from April 2018 – now with subtitles in German, kindly contributed by Funda Astel, and with a beautifully made Auroville WIKI page with a full transcript and supplementary materials.

The Awakening fin

The Awakening Soul of India

Dr Alok Pandey shares his thoughts on two landmark events on Nov 12 2019 in the Indian subcontinent. These events are the opening of Kartarpur Corridor from India to Pakistan and, second, the final judgment on the Ramjanambhoomi