Can we change our destiny M

Can We Change Our Destiny?

We have to go beyond the over-simplistic notion of good and bad fortune and look at the deeper causes that work from behind. It is in these depths and heights that we can discover the secret levers that can change our fate.

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The World-Mother (8/9)

This talk is based on a passage from Savitri pp. 295 – 296 (B2C14), when Aswapati is face to face with the World-Mother and his gesture of complete surrender to Her. It is She who then opens the doors to the Greater Knowledge for him.

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Advent of the Divine Mother (7/9)

This talk is based on the passage in Savitri pp. 345–346 (B3C4), describing Aswapati’s final invocation and the Divine Mother’s sanction of the boon of Her coming.

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The Conversion of Death (6/9)

The talk is based on understanding the symbol behind the characters in Savitri as revealed in the Author’s note, the symbol of Death that surrounds earthly life and its eventual annihilation. The talk also touches upon Tantra. The passages taken up here are from Savitri pp. 480 – 483 and 664 – 667.

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The Soul’s Choice (5/9)

This talk is based on pp. 685 – 689 of Savitri. It starts with a question from one of the participants about the problem of action. After initial discussion the conversation turns towards Savitri.

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The New Creation (4/9)

This talk is based on a passage from Savitri pp. 323 – 325, where Aswapati is shown the secret plans of the Supreme that the Divine Mother has hidden in Her heart.

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The Sailor on the Flow of Time (2/9)

This talk is based on a passage from Savitri, where Sri Aurobindo describes the soul as a sailor voyaging through Time towards Eternity. The steps and stages of the journey are beautifully marked through significant images.

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The Aim of Life (1/9)

This talk is about the various aims of human life through which the soul moves along its evolutionary journey. This aim is not so much of a mental choice as of a growing unfolding of the Divine Script in man.

A Brief Outline of Yoga as Evolution

A Brief Outline of Yoga as Evolution

Yoga is a concentrated evolution; it is a means of bringing out the highest and deepest possibilities latent in man. Right now our life is hampered and limited in many ways. The human mind and senses as they are presently organized are fundamentally incapable of overcoming these limitations. Yet there is, in man, a quest sublime to exceed and transcend himself.

Savitri - The New Aspiration in Humanity alt f

Savitri: The New Aspiration in Humanity

Sri Aurobindo has brought and implanted upon earth a new aspiration, the aspiration for terrestrial perfection, for an integral fulfillment of life. Savitri serves as an intermediary to awaken and help this aspiration to grow in man.