Science and Unknowable

“Man’s science builds abstractions cold and bare
And carves to formulas the living whole;
It is a brain and hand without a soul,
A piercing eye behind our outward stare…..”


Now I Have Borne

“Now I have borne Thy presence and Thy light,
Eternity assumes me and I am
A vastness of tranquillity and flame,
My heart a deep Atlantic of delight…..”



“In that small flaming chariot Shiva rides.
The One devised innumerably to be;
His oneness in invisible forms he hides,
Time’s tiny temples to eternity.”


The Indwelling Universal

“…Unborn I sit, timeless, intangible:
All things are shadows in my tranquil glass.
My vast transcendence holds the cosmic whirl;
I am hid in it as in the sea a pearl.” 

22 The Witness Spirit

The Witness Spirit

“This mute stupendous Energy that whirls
The stars and nebulae in its long train,
Like a huge Serpent through my being curls
With its diamond hood of joy and fangs of pain.”

23 The Hidden Plan

The Hidden Plan

“However long Night’s hour, I will not dream
That the small ego and the person’s mask
Are all that God reveals in our life-scheme,
The last result of Nature’s cosmic task.”

26 Liberation [1]_640

Liberation [1]

“I have thrown from me the whirling dance of mind
And stand now in the spirit’s silence free;
Timeless and deathless beyond creature kind,
The centre of my own eternity.”

27 The Inconscient_640

The Inconscient

“What magic of numbers, what mechanic dance
Developed consciousness, assumed a soul?
The darkness was the Omnipotent’s abode,
Hood of omniscience, a blind mask of God.”

28 Life-Unity


“I housed within my heart the life of things,
All hearts athrob in the world I felt as mine;
I shared the joy that in creation sings
And drank its sorrow like a poignant wine.”