68 Divine Sense

Divine Sense

The body burns with Thy rapture’s sacred fire,
Pure, passionate, holy, virgin of desire.

67 Divine Sight

Divine Sight

Into an ecstasy of vision caught
Each natural object is of Thee a part,
A rapture-symbol from Thy substance wrought,
A poem shaped in Beauty’s living heart

66 Because Thou art

Because Thou Art

Behind all eyes I meet Thy secret gaze
And in each voice I hear Thy magic tune:
Thy sweetness hunts my heart through Nature’s ways;
Nowhere it beats now from Thy snare immune.

64 The Hill-top Temple

The Hill-Top Temple

“In us the secret Spirit can indite
A page and summary of the Infinite,
A nodus of Eternity expressed
Live in an image and a sculptured face.”

63 Adwaita


“A lonely Calm and void unchanging Peace
On the dumb crest of Nature’s mysteries.”

62 The Inconscient Foundation

The Inconscient Foundation

My soul regards its veiled subconscient base;
All the dead obstinate symbols of the past,
The hereditary moulds, the stamps of race
Are upheld to sight, the old imprints effaced.

61 Omnipresence


“Each finite thing I see is a façade;
From its windows looks at me the Illimitable.
In vain was my prison of separate body made;
His occult presence burns in every cell.”

60 Self


He said, “I am egoless, spiritual, free,”
Then swore because his dinner was not ready.

59 The Cosmic Spirit

The Cosmic Spirit

“My life is the life of village and continent,
I am earth’s agony and her throbs of bliss;
I share all creatures’ sorrow and content
And feel the passage of every stab and kiss.”

58 I


“This strutting “I” of human self and pride
Is a puppet built by Nature for her use”

56 Light


I move in an ocean of stupendous Light
Joining my depths to His eternal height.

55 Liberation 2

Liberation [2]

My mind, my soul grow larger than all Space;
Time founders in that vastness glad and nude:
The body fades, an outline, a dim trace,
A memory in the spirit’s solitude.