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Sri Aurobindo’s Interpretations of Dreams and Visions of Champaklal (1/2)

“The particular things seen may be of no importance, but the power of seeing is of importance and can be of great help in the Yoga. It enables you to see things belonging to other planes (other than the physical) and get knowledge that is useful for sadhana; also to have concrete contact with the Mother in those planes (mental, vital, psychic worlds) etc.”

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Visions: Characteristics, Types – The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

“Everything not physical is seen by an inner vision. When the inner vision opens, there can come before it all that ever was or is now in the world, even it can open to things that will be hereafter — so there is nothing impossible in seeing thus the figures and the things of the past.”

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Visions: Opening, Signs, Development – The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

“There is, besides the outer physical sight which sees external objects, an inner sight in us which can see things yet unseen and unknown, things at a distance, things belonging to another place or time or other worlds…. It is the working of the Mother’s force which is opening it… Remember the Mother always, call on her and aspire to feel her presence and her power working in you ….” (Sri Aurobindo)

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Dreams: How to Remember, Interpret – The Mother

“The procedure to deal with dreams…. Become conscious of your dreams. Observe the relation between them and the happenings of your waking hours…. In sleep some action or other is always going on in your mental or vital or other plane; things happen there and they govern your waking consciousness.”

Dreams and Visions m

Dreams: Types, Importance, Utility – The Mother

“No attachments, no desires, no impulses, no preferences; perfect equanimity, unchanging peace, and absolute faith in the Divine protection: with that you are safe, without it you are in peril. And as long as you are not safe, take shelter under the mother’s wings.”

Dreams and Visions m

Dreams: Origin and Formation – The Mother

Dreams are as natural as the activities of the day […] Except in a few very rare instances, a dream is the awakening of something recorded in the subconscious. There are also symbolic and premonitory dreams, but very rarely do dreams consist of true memories of past lives […] One dreams in the mental or vital consciousness but rarely does one dream in the psychic consciousness.

Message to America (space)

Message to America by Sri Aurobindo

“It is no longer towards division and difference that we should turn our minds, but on unity, union, even oneness necessary for the pursuit and realisation of a common ideal, the destined goal, the fulfilment towards which Nature in her beginning obscurely set out and must in an increasing light of knowledge replacing her first ignorance constantly persevere.”

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The Truth in which we have to live

“Know everywhere the one self, know all to be immortal souls and the body to be but dust. Do thy work with a calm, strong and equal spirit; fight and fall nobly or conquer mightily. For this is the work that God and thy nature have given to thee to accomplish.”