Savitri Study Camp 19-04 pp 489-492

Savitri pierces the thick screen that separates this gross material life, sensed and perceived through our material senses, and the subtle inner worlds. She opens the doors and enters through the threshold between the waking and dream world.

Savitri Study Camp 19-03 pp 488-489

Our being is trapped as it were within a triple layer formed of the substance of corresponding worlds of Mind, Life and Matter. These keep the soul captive and do not allow easy access to the realm of the Soul. The seeker has to force his way through these to reach his soul.

Savitri Study Camp 19-02 pp 485-487

There is a subconscious yoga going on in nature that has led to the progressive emergence of the soul from within the crypts of matter and the dark and fallen worlds. Slowly this subconscious yoga turns into a conscious one as man climbs to glimpses and starts climbing towards his own unrealized potentials.

Savitri Study Camp 18-08 “The Cosmic Past” pp 476-479

Savitri now looks within. She enters into the cosmic past, the past of creation itself. She uncovers in Her being the history of creation, the formation of matter by elemental energies, a gathering of forces around the little point of ego and behind it all seated the secret soul.

Savitri Study Camp 18-06 “The Crucial Choice” pp 474-476

Savitri is face to face with the enormity of her grief as well as the enormity of her love. Even as she sits contemplating the curve of destiny she must choose, she hears an inner Command descending from the heights, a command that is a mandate and a reminder of her work and her mission..