Savitri Study Class 19-12 “Mother of Might”, pp. 508-511

Passing further on her nature’s upwards route, Savitri’s being encounters the Madonna of Strength, the Mother of Force and Might who brings the crown of victory and protects us on the paths of life as we move in our ascent towards yoga. She is Durga and Lakshmi, who endow us with the Kshatriya and Vaishya power.

Savitri Study Class 19-11 “The Tortured Titan”, pp. 505-508

Even as the pristine pure Ganges flowing from its mountain tops is polluted as it enters the inhabited plains, so too the forces of higher Nature supported by divine Powers, daivi prakriti, are twisted as they enter into the narrow and limited scope of human nature. The distorting elements are the Ego and Desires.