Savitri Study Camp 19-12 “Mother of Might” pp 508-511

Passing further on her nature’s upwards route, Savitri’s being encounters the Madonna of Strength, the Mother of Force and Might who brings the crown of victory and protects us on the paths of life as we move in our ascent towards yoga. She is Durga and Lakshmi, who endow us with the Kshatriya and Vaishya power.

Savitri Study Camp 19-11 pp 505-508

Even as the pristine pure Ganges flowing from its mountain tops is polluted as it enters the inhabited plains, so too the forces of higher Nature supported by divine Powers, daivi prakriti, are twisted as they enter into the narrow and limited scope of human nature. The distorting elements are the Ego and Desires.

Savitri Study Camp 19-10 pp 503-505

Savitri now enters the strands of Nature to swim to its Source. At first Savitri encounters the Madonna of Suffering who absorbs all earthly suffering and heals and puts a balm over our pain. She gives us the strength to endure the trials and tribulations of our life even though she has not the strength to save.

Savitri Study Camp 19-09 pp 499-502

Savitri passes beyond the limits of the mind. She comes in contact with certain luminous forms emerging out of her being rushing towards the outer waking consciousness. It is here that she gets the first hints of the passage towards her secret soul.

Savitri Study Camp 19-08 pp 496-499

The force of life chained, the mind dissects Truth into various bits and parts and assigns to each ‘piece’ a fixed formula. Thus are sects and religions formed that war with each other. But those who seek to go beyond, cannot remain tied to any dogmas and narrow belief systems.

Savitri Study Camp 19-07 pp 495-496

Next Savitri enters the realm of Mind. It is a realm of measure and rule. It is the nature of Mind to define and limit into finite shapes and forms the Illimitable, Infinite One Reality. Thereby it misses upon Truth and mistakes It for its broken reflections and shadows and partial images.

Savitri Study Camp 19-06 pp 493-495

There are powers and energies hidden in the intermediate zone between gross Matter and the ground of pure Spirit. It is here that the sadhaka can easily get lost and miss his goal. A letter of Sri Aurobindo appended below describes it at some length.

Savitri Study Camp 19-05 pp 492-493

Released from the prison house of Matter, Savitri enters into the dangerous and delightful, fitful and fanciful world of life. She has come out of individual ignorance but has entered into the cosmic ignorance, a much vaster and mixed territory where truth and error walk hand in hand.