The Two Paths pp 451-453 (SH 232)

Man seeks for Freedom and Knowledge and Bliss and Power since he is intuitively aware of his divine Origin. However he can take one of the two paths towards this Goal of divine self-fulfillment. One is the path of the gods, a gradual and patient unfolding of the godlike nature in him through aspiration, faith and surrender. The other is the path of the Titans, impatient and stormy, driven by self-will and ego.

End of the Law of Pain pp 449-451 (SH 231)

The true solution to the enigma of evil and pain lies in transforming the Inconscient base upon which earthly life stands. But this is no mean or easy task. The powers of the Inconscience oppose and deny, and until the Inconscient law is changed, the lasting remedy for pain will continue to elude us.

The World-Redeemer’s Heavy Task pp 447-449 (SH 230)

The problem of pain is not just an individual problem though the life of individuals is caught up in it. It is a cosmic problem whose occult roots lie in the dark subconscient and inconscient terrains. It is this that has to be tackled and it is for this that the Avatara descends upon Earth.

The Good and Great who Suffer, pp 444-445 (SH 228)

Narad reveals how pain chisels out greatness and why is suffering allowed to those who are among the good and the great, whose very life is to serve a higher purpose and who live selflessly. This is a question that vexes all who look upon pain and suffering as some sort of judgment by God for our errors and sins.

Savitri’s Resolve, pp 434-436 (SH224)

The Queen and human mother of Savitri has spoken her apprehensions and her fears. Who would knowingly dare death and wrestle with adverse Fate if one can avert it? But Savitri is made of another mettle. The prophesy of death only steels her resolve further and makes her will even more firm.

The prophecy of Narad, pp 429-431 (SH 222)

Now Sage Narad reveals what Fate has in store for Savitri. Satyavan is indeed a marvel meeting of the Earth and Heaven. In his being Soul and Nature are in a fine and beautiful balance. Though all is beautiful about Satyavan, there is but one challenge ahead…

The apprehensive human heart, pp 427-429 (SH 221)

Even as the Seer-King Aswapati and the celestial sage Narad are discussing with each other, the queen, Savitri’s mother, is filled with a strange apprehension. She senses some danger or misfortune ahead in this marriage, and entreaties Narad to release the word of Fate, so that a way may be found to avoid it.

The problem of foresight, pp 425-427 (SH 220)

“Too hard the gods are with man’s fragile race;
In their large heavens they dwell exempt from Fate
And they forget the wounded feet of man,
His limbs that faint beneath the whips of grief,
His heart that hears the tread of time and death.”

The Choice of Destiny, pp 423-425 (SH 219)

“Savitri has chosen Satyavan for her partner in the game of life. This choice has implications upon future that is yet sealed to human view. But there, in the court of King Aswapati, are seated two great beings – King, a yogi and seer, and Narada, the demigod, who has privy to the book of Fate. A brief exchange between three of them follows.”