The World of Rule and Line, pp. 495-496 (SH 253)

Savitri passes onwards beyond the vital worlds concealed within us to the world of mind where rule and measure predominate over the wild freedom and passion of life. The Spirit does not find its freedom here since it is tied to rule and norm.

The Curve of Human Evolution pp 485-487 (SH 249)

Savitri has seen the different parts of human nature, the states of consciousness that move us from behind. Now she studies the course of human evolution and, more importantly, what is still to come and the conditions for the change.

A Student of Herself pp 477-479 (SH 245)

The very first step towards the discovery of our soul is to observe our nature as a witness and a student. What do we find there? A constant restless movement of Nature in different domains of our being. It is the surface of our life. Here we cannot find the soul.

A Program for the Yoga pp 475-477 (SH 244)

Here we see a critical moment in Savitri’s life, when her central being, which is none other than the Divine Mother Herself in Her poise that has turned towards Creation to redeem it, the Mother of all souls, speaks to her reminding of her mission and gives her the program towards fulfilling it.

The Divine Becomes Human pp 469-471 (SH 240)

Savitri outwardly remains calm and sweet and forbearing in her dealings with her little world around, but inwardly she suffers with the foreknowledge of death. She experiences now the entire range of human life and identifies with it.