Voice of the Night, pp 533-536 (SH 268)

As Savitri sits in a felicitous state having discovered her secret soul, she hears the voice of Night. It paints a dismal picture of life and creation thereby discouraging any effort to make it beautiful and divine.

Opening of the Subtle Centers, pp 529-531 (SH 266)

With the awakening of the secret Soul and the descent of the Divine Shakti, there is a reversal and a reorientation of human nature towards the Divine. The centers in the subtle body, known as chakras, open under the pressure of the Higher Consciousness.

Discovery of the Soul, pp 525-526 (SH 264)

Pressing further, Savitri plunges deep within her heart. There she discovers her psychic being and through that door her central being that has governed her journey through many lives. The nature of the soul and the identification with it are described here.

Madonna of Light, pp 513-516 (SH 260)

Savitri moves further on an upwards route where she now meets the Madonna of Light. She is the giver of knowledge and peace. Her heart is ever full of Compassion and Light and leans upon earth to help and heal.

The Deformed Chained God, pp 510-513 (SH 259)

This power from god, embedded in our soul to help us move through the difficult and dangerous routes of our evolutionary future, is deformed in the ego-bound human consciousness. It becomes limited and distorted in the boundaries of the human ignorance and deviates from its true purpose.