Self -Discipline

Before we venture to work upon the world, we have plenty of work and more to do within ourselves. It is by practising self-control under Thy guidance and help, Mother, that we learn how to conquer the world.


… the saving grace is that in spite of all our foolishness and incompetence and lethargy, we have been allowed to live under Thy direct influence, inside Thy own divine atmosphere.

Small Details

It is not sufficient that in our inmost being we have an aspiration for the divine life; the superficial, the outermost parts also must aspire after perfection.

Difficulties and Obstacles

Our difficulties and obstacles are our great aids; they can always be utilised as stepping stones in our upward march, and they are often intended to be such by our Divine Friend and Guide, by the kind and graceful Mother.

The Path

Our path is so simple, yet so difficult! We have only to leave ourselves entirely in Thy hands, Mother Divine, and everything else will be done for us; but against this simple act of surrender the whole of our nature and the whole world seem to stand…

The Goal

The true test of our aspiration is that we must dissociate ourselves completely from the ordinary ways and modes of mankind; we must not look with a longing on the life we have consciously and deliberately left behind.


Yoga is not merely thinking of Thee, Mother, with the mind, or bowing the head at Thy feet; these are certainly great aids and starting-points, but in themselves they cannot take us very far. We must fill our whole being with Thy living presence, we must constantly live in active and integral union with Thee — that will be Yoga in the real sense of the term.

Divine Grace

We cannot ourselves change the nature of the different parts of our being, but we can make them consent to be changed… We cannot ourselves conquer the hostile forces, but we can resolutely refuse to invite them or tolerate them… When we shall fulfil these conditions, the highest Divine Grace will descend and conquering all our defects and obstacles will raise us to the life divine.


Aspiration is our only tapasya, aspiration is the only fire we are to keep burning in our heart at all times and under all circumstances. We need light no other fire, we need no other askesis or austerity.


When Thou hast willed to uplift us, to give us divine life, what fear, what anxiety need we have? With complete surrender to Thee, Mother, let us calmly await our self-fulfilment through Thy divine will and Thy all conquering Grace.


“My soul has taken the firm and irrevocable resolution to surrender myself to Thee, Mother Divine, but still I am far away from the perfection of my surrender.”


This will in us is a reflection of Thy will in us, О Divine Mother, and this is the secret of its strength; it is here to take us back to Thee. Purified and transformed, it will be an effective instrument of Thy manifestation on the earth.


By a living, ceaseless aspiration we should always look up to the infinite glory of the divine life to which we are destined, and through the Grace of the Mother nothing will be able to resist our onward march.


This is the first of a series of short essays by Anilbaran Roy, originally published in 1939 as a part of the book “Songs from the Soul”, which we’ll be sharing in the nearest few months.