A Vision

Remove the clouds from me, Mother, for good; let me see Thee by the side of Thy Divine Beloved for ever within my heart; let me see and recognise and share in Thy play of love in every object, in every event in the world, so that the glorious vision may last for ever…


How long shall I allow my temple to be defiled by those forces of darkness and falsehood? At my present rate of progress, I shall never be able to rid me of their evil influence completely. With my unaided strength, I shall never be able to conquer them finally. Come then, Mother, with Thy mighty violence smashing all obstacles in me, snapping all the chords of desire and attachment

Mystery of Life

… by real surrender we do not cease to be individuals, but become subtly identified with the Supreme Divine […] We become one with the divine Mother, yet perfectly our own selves. This is the supreme mystery of existence.

Jiva, the Individual Soul

Every individual is an infinity in himself, a concealed godhead, an eternal portion of the supreme Divine. Every jiva represents a particular phase, a particular mode of the cosmic play, and in and through every one the divine Mother is unfolding the infinite universe


“Descend into me, Mother, in all Thy divine glory; seize my mind and fill it with Thy light; seize my will and make it an instrument of Thy work; seize my whole being and make it a perfect vehicle of the great joy of divine love.”


Light is there all around us; we live, move and have our being in light. But our mechanical thoughts and notions hide the light from us; our doubts and misgivings prevent us from accepting the truth when it comes. Thus, we pass our life in darkness and ignorance.

Self Knowledge

The source of all true strength is the self; our body and mind are only channels for the manifestation of the inner force; yet we rely on our bodily and mental efforts for our work and thus waste our life in vain and fruitless labour.

Truth Consciousness

Seldom do we commit a wrong or a mistake without getting a timely warning, however vague or weak, from within ourselves. This shows that the truth consciousness is within us…

Relation with the World

We are Thy own children, Mother, and the joys in the world, all the power and the light, belong to us as our true heritage. By recognising Thee to be our own, we shall make the whole world our own…


Our search for the Beautiful and the Good and the True must be made through Thee, Mother. Thou embodies in Thyself all the true movements in the universe. We must sternly reject all the temptings of falsehood and constantly turn to Thee and Thee alone

Conquest of Desires

Let me realise that this life of desire is not my real nature, that I am Thy true child, Divine Mother, and that my life is a part of Thy divine play on the earth.

Rest and Silence

How I busy myself in vain and useless efforts pretending that I am doing God’s work! … What a relief it is to be freed from the restless activity of the mind and the body, and to fall into the stillness of the soul! But all my efforts in this direction have failed again and again.

Inner Organization

In the inner organisation of my own self I have much more intensive and interesting work than when I was a helpless slave in the grip of alien forces.

Inert Passivity

… we go on in our old way wasting our time and energy, moving always but making no progress anywhere […] It is by opening ourselves to Thy personal influence, Mother, that we can hope to conquer the obstinacy of our ignorant nature and rise to the glories of the life divine.