“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 29: Book 10, Canto 3

The kingdom of heaven was always on the other side of death. Now, Sri Aurobindo discovered that this gap can be bridged, and he called this bridge between the highest level of the mind that man has ever reached, and a world of perfection, the supramental consciousness. Once this bridge is built, that world can be brought rolling down to our earth.

“Invitation to Savitri” Pt 31: Conclusion

I‘m like somebody who has gone to see the Madurai temple and keeps telling to whoever comes to look at this statue, that statue and the other. The chances are I may never get an opportunity to go into the temple myself and stand before the sanctum sanctorum, but my delight is to describe this, draw people’s attention to this. Ultimately, you have to get into the sanctum sanctorum and stand before the Divine. This is the invitation.