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The Yoga of a Nation Called India

The Paradox called India It would be a tragic irony of fate if India were to throw away her spiritual heritage at the very moment when in the rest of the world there is more and more a turning towards her for spiritual help and a saving Light. This must not and will surely not Read More


Moving Forward – Pursuit of Truth

In its pursuit of Truth humanity has followed several routes. Each of these routes took lead from something within him, some faculty or capacity with which mankind has been endowed. Philosophies, cults, sects, religions sprang up based on these routes and paths that humanity took to find the Truth of who he is, what is Read More


The Divine Advent

If there is one joy that earthly beings can experience which is coveted even by the gods it is the joy of feeling the touch of the Divine Advent. This unparalleled joy is given to earth and humanity as a saving Grace. If this were not, life upon earth would become unbearable with passage of Read More

Spiritual, Religious and Personal Beliefssus

Spiritual, Religious and Personal Beliefs

If we earnestly pursue the search for the spiritual dimension of man (and his health), we find ourselves far removed from current ideas on the subject. Firstly, we must understand the spiritual dimension as consciousness entirely different from the mind, as well as moral, ethical and religious values. The moral and religious state of mind Read More


Integral Health

An integral view of illness demands an integral cure, provided our patience allows it. For living in an age of appearances, our view of power and control is equated with the capacity to alter appearances. It has its meaning though. For appearance is the last step through which a web is woven by the pattern Read More

Old Spirituality and the New Way

Old Spirituality and the New Way

There is a poem by Sri Aurobindo – ‘One day’ (The Little More) – and it reminds me somehow of the great work done by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother – One day, and all the half-dead is done, One day, and all the unborn begun; A little path and the great goal, A touch Read More


Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga

If we look at the earth from a cosmic standpoint, it will look like a small dot in infinity. And if we look at man from that point, he may be like a little ant or even less than that. Yet there is something special about this man. That’s the first thing Sri Aurobindo tells Read More


The Beginning

A million years ago the animal sprawling in the swamps of Africa and Asia stood erect, – a marvel of Nature, and called himself man. He was man indeed characterized by something unique, that source of his rise over the animal world he inherited and paradoxically as it were, also the reason for his fall from Read More


The Emergent Spiritual Evolution

A New Consciousness, a higher spiritual consciousness, is emerging out of the heavy drowse of earth-nature. The emergence is slow and often painful but steadily it is setting its feet upon earth and growing in the hearts and minds of men. The increasing thirst for the spiritual, the attempt towards reconciliation of the spiritual and the Read More

Growth of Consciousness

Growth of Consciousness

 Is the body purely matter? How is it different from metal or mud? What is the link between a human being, his body and the matter of which it is formed? Seers, since ancient times have said that it is ’consciousness’ or the ’spirit-that-moves-in-all things’. This article explores this aspect deeply and gives us a Read More