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The Divine Mother’s Holocaust (2/3)

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother entered the war arena in their own way. Sri Aurobindo worked in the occult worlds, and his seat of tapasya was Pondicherry. The Mother travelled to war zones in France and Japan, and identifying with the body of the Earth she offered her own body in a holocaust to the Supreme so that the Earth may be saved.

The Decisive Victory cover

An unfinished Work (1/3)

April 24th, 1920 is the day of the Mother’s final arrival to Pondicherry. The Mother reveals that this day marks the tangible sign of a decisive victory over the adverse forces. Quite naturally a question arises about the nature of this victory. To understand the full import of this we have to go back into time, perhaps a few thousand years back.

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Rediscovering HER Within (5/5)

SHE comes manifested in the outer fields of nature, closer to our limited external sight so that even our outer senses can behold the Glory and the Flame. What is needed now is to tend the flame, to nurture and nourish it. What is needed is to renounce our old ways of life and start living afresh as a new born child who must learn everything in a new way. What is needed is to expose all our nature to its light and heat until all is ready for Her transmuting touch.

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Installing Her in Our Hearts (4/5)

It is not enough to observe and celebrate these special days of Her arrival. Too much emphasis on the externals may well create a tendency towards turning the whole thing into a religion. What is needed is to light up the incense of faith and the flame of aspiration and decorate the altar of our life with flowers of Devotion and Surrender, Love and Adoration, Sincerity and Purity.

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Her Unfinished Divine Work (3/5)

The night is fast receding and if we can open ourselves to the touch of Dawn, we shall feel or actually see the outbreak of a New Day, the emergence of a New Life from the old…

Advent of the Saviour Light

Advent of the Saviour Light

Even as we step into the New Year, it will be good to remember that this Light that we take for granted, this Light that comes to us sweeping through the gates of Night and touches our body and heart and mind and soul, has been prepared by those who kept a vigil while we slept peacefully in our comfort zones. Even as we welcome it, let us also raise a hymn of gratitude.

A New Chapter in SA Yoga MOD

A New Chapter in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga

It was not just the descent of a plane of consciousness, the highest of the mind-planes that borders the empire of the Supramental Sun, but the descent of Krishna, the Avatara of the past into his very body. It was Sri Krishna tying Himself to Sri Aurobindo’s body, the Avatara or the manifestation of the Supreme in the past uniting with the Avatara of the Future, thereby becoming an irresistible power for the Future Work.


Makings of a Healer

A sharing by Dr Alok Pandey with the students of H M Patel Centre for Medical Care and Education, Karamsad, Gujarat.

Mystery of the great Divine Descents w

Mystery of the Divine Descents in Humanity

“Quite unlike the great Masters and Prophets who come to show the way that man must follow, the Avatar becomes the Way. His mere Presence is enough and all that is needed on part of man is to have faith and open himself to the Grace and Mercy that the Avatar embodies.”

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Experience and the Experiencing Consciousness

“… when the Avatara and the Divine Mother take upon themselves the role of a Teacher, then there are no limits to the possibilities, no fixed term to our growth and progress, no hedges that constrain our experience. She lowers Herself to our puny heights and carries us in Her arms of Love and Light towards the boundless beatitudes that await our discovery. The limits of religions and ideologies, systems and theories, cults and creeds that tie us forever down simply vanish before the growing Light.”