Looking back, looking forward 2

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Some would say that a new year is after all a convention. In a certain sense everything is a convention, a habit or a pattern woven into our thoughts and beliefs. The universe is born anew each moment and there is nothing in us that repeats the hour that is left behind.

Sri Rama, Sri Krishna Sri Aurobindo cover

Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Sri Aurobindo

Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are fulfilled in Sri Aurobindo, as with this New Force is the power to transform the animal in us into a vehicle of the Divine Force and convert the Asura in us through the one and only all-powerful agency of the Divine Mother’s Love.

SA and the Ideal of Physical Immortality cover a cc

Sri Aurobindo and the Ideal of Physical Immortality

It is the earth that must be saved, it is humanity that must outgrow itself into something beautiful and divine. So shall it be is the great promise. Keeping that promise and assurance ringing in our heart we must fearlessly cross the perilous bridge and leap towards the future, the time taken notwithstanding.

Resurrection corr m

Some Reflections on 17th Nov: Mahasamadhi or Resurrection?

The bodily cage gone, it is Her eternal Presence, not just the inner Presence, not even the Supramental Presence on that high plane beyond Time and Timelessness, but Her eternal Presence established in Her New Body that is now here in our midst.

The Destiny of India

The Destiny of India

the need of the hour is the way of the Gita, the path shown to us by Sri Aurobindo, – the path that leads us to the reintegration of the Spiritual and material aspects of life, the path that unites God and world, Soul and nature in a harmonious embrace.

Notes and hints on the Path N

Notes and Hints on the Path

The more we compare Sri Aurobindo to various other similar or dissimilar thoughts, the more we get confused. We perhaps enter into a cocoon constructed by our ignorant receiving of the profound truths, that have descended from the plane of Truth into the realms of our mortal ignorance and its small, cramped up understanding of life.

On Brahmacharya 1

On Brahmacharya

… it is a long process and one needs patience and perseverance. It takes time, sometimes a really long time, and one has to keep applying the will with faith and surrender. Eventually the breakthrough comes and instead of being a slave of nature one becomes its master.

The practice of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo

The Practice of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo

The first and most indispensable element, its ‘central key’ as Sri Aurobindo succinctly put it, is to open to the Mother with a psychic attitude of faith, devotion and surrender. If this can be done with sufficient sincerity then nothing else may be needed. This alone is more than enough

The Other side of our Story

The Other Side of Our Story

So far we have played the game unconsciously. But a time comes when we become conscious and discover Them everywhere, in this body and other bodies and beyond all bodies, a luminous and mighty Presence, eternal, all-pervading, Alone.

Gods and the New Creation cover

Gods and the New Creation

More and more souls are now ready or getting ready, having gone through the long process of evolution, to evolve under the direct sunlight of the Divine Consciousness. They need neither the brilliant veil woven by the gods nor the shadow that holds us back and strengthens our roots in matter until we are ready to climb further.

Footprints (new)

Part 8 (concluding): The Last Long Stretch

All that is needed now is to have faith and endurance and go on until the victory that has been won in principle is generalized in each and every detail of the individual existence and the collective life of humanity.

Footprints (new)

Part 7: Offspring of the Future

The 2nd December program, where the young and old, children and elders, students and inmates of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the SAICE participate together is to remind us of this tremendous work that we as children of earth in our bodies and children of Divine Mother in our souls have inherited.