The New World

More and more souls are walking towards the New World, while some have already entered and started living there and operating from the New World and its New Consciousness.

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On Relationships

People do not touch upon such core issues of life as relationships largely because of ignorance and fear. They hardly invest time and energy in anything beyond their little area of work.

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The God’s Ways

…to understand His play we must first free our minds of all conceptions and notions and even systems of beliefs and philosophies and ideologies that have imprisoned Him in cages of thought, painting the bars with colours of our fancies and desires.

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Aligning to the Call of Destiny

It is always helpful to spend some time in quiet reflection about what we here to do. It may take some time but it is worth the effort. Otherwise we lead a borrowed life, a life that is no more ours, an artificial life so to say.

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The Work We are Meant to Do

We are all born with an original script of life with our soul’s and God’s signature upon it. This original script of destiny is often buried under a heap of artificial goals determined by others, or corrupted by the virus of ambition, greed and lust.

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Dealing with Failures

Each of us must face our own share of failures and falls. The difference between human beings however lies in how we deal with these failures.

The Path of Bhakta

The Path of a Bhakta

A bhakta is someone who takes delight in the Lord. Bhakti comes from the root bhaj which means to enjoy. He does not approach the Divine to know about Him as the seeker does. He rather knows Him in a way having seen and felt Him through the eyes of faith and his heart. He Read More

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Our Youth and the Drugs Problem

Deprived of love which is the only true authentic source of joy these children are turning to drugs and partying to find outside what lies concealed within their own heart.

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Challenges in Life

we can say that all challenges and problems of life are essentially spiritual problems. They may come in the garb of physical and material problems but their solution lies as much within our mind and heart and will and soul

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Sri Aurobindo and the Indian Mainstream

Perhaps the main reason is that Sri Aurobindo is too much into the Future. He belongs to the Future and such a luminous future that a humanity that tends to cling to its cynicism finds it very discomforting.