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The Great Departure

An article by Dr Alok Pandey on the occasion of 110th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s departure from Bengal for Pondicherry

The Tipping Point 1080cc

The Tipping Point

In a certain sense this whole virus affair is segregating humanity into at least two distinct parts. One that will introspect through this crisis and eventually emerge stronger and wiser. Another that will only end up with more and more fear and panic and loose the opportunity of reorienting its life.

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The Life of Men

As we step aside from the whirl and vortex of everyday life, it is a chance to go still deeper into our souls, a chance to contemplate this wonderful Earth and us humanity upon it.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

The Wounded, Healing Earth

To put it paradoxically, when we do not listen to the Will of the Infinite consciously, gladly, then we are compelled to do it unwillingly, unwittingly by the action of countless infinitesimal forces around us. It is not a punishment but simply a course correction, a remedial measure for the earth’s sickness towards which we Read More

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

Resetting and Realigning Our Lives

We must reconnect ourselves, reconnect not only with our own soul but also with the soul of Nature and the soul in all things. In this direction too we are being led by the secret Wisdom of Nature that has come garbed in the form of adversity.

How to deal with negative thoughts 2

How to Deal with Negative Thoughts

… spend your energies cultivating inner Peace and Light and Wideness and Joy. This is much more effective and a long term solution than fighting with the darkness while being still oneself in darkness.

Is The Time for Earth Destruction has Come

Is the time for earth destruction has come?

Since the Supermind is here the earth’s destruction is out of question. Everything that is happening and will happen will only push us closer towards the Goal. For the Supermind brings with it the certitude of divine victory.

The Lessons

The Lessons of the Crisis

The question is not what methods we have found to get over the present problem but rather what is the lesson it has come to teach us and whether we are willing and ready to learn it still.

Fits, Seizures, Drugs, and the Divine Grace

Fits or seizures are an example of vital forces, generally of a lower order, trying to take possession of a human being. When the nervous system resists, the individual throws up a fit and the brain temporarily shuts down

Opening to the Divine Grace fin

The Grace

Grace is the Divine Power that has leaped down from the heart of the Supreme to help creation move towards its goal. In a general way this mysterious Grace supports creation from behind giving it the needed push for progress.

The Journey

The Journey

The psychic being is that part in us that is turned towards the Divine. Aware of its immortality, it knows itself as a portion of the Divine Consciousness and hence naturally turns towards the Divine Light, Truth, vastness, Peace, bliss, Love of the Divine. It is in a natural affinity with these higher states.

On Transformation of the Lower Nature

On Transformation of the Lower Nature

The real preoccupation should be with the positive side of the sadhana such as Peace and Light and Faith and Devotion and Wideness and the means of developing these and growing towards the Divine. The lower is left behind as we grow into the higher.

Epidemics, Germs and Fears

Epidemics, Germs and Fears: Another Dimension

Without fear of any kind from this or any other worlds, yogin or sadhaka goes about doing the work given by the Mother fully assured of Her Protection and Her unfailing Grace. All other things will come and go but this abides forever…