Chapter 2. The Why of Death

Death serves as a grim reminder of the imperfection and impermanence of life, so that we may realise our deficiencies and do not get locked forever in a fixed and rigid and ignorant mould. It is a movement forward, the last stage of our growth in a single lifetime, the transit from greater to lesser ignorance. As Ignorance vanishes, death too shall vanish, having served its purpose.

Chapter 1: What is Death (Part 2)

“By its very nature life cannot perish but rise again and again till it has discovered at last God, Freedom, Light, Immortality. The soul that has once taken the upward curve cannot rest and returns again and again till it arrives. The path shines once again and the soul lifts up its head once again towards the sun. And above all we must remember the greatest truth of Grace that guards us in our passage through the Unseen and the Unknown.”

Chapter 1: What is Death (Part 1)

For all our knowledge of life, death continues to remain a mystery. Just as we know something about the processes of life rather than about the life-principle itself, so also we know a little about the process of death. Phenomenon of death extends beyond the mere visible dissolution of physical forms, being applicable to forms of thought, of ideas, of philosophies, sciences, arts, of great civilisations…