The Present Question

A new, a difficult and uncertain beginning might have to be made in the midst of the chaos and ruin after perhaps an extermination on a large scale, and a more successful creation could be predicted only if a way was found to develop a better humanity or perhaps a greater, a superhuman race.

2019 12 World Transformation in Savitri

World Transformation in Savitri

Sri Aurobindo spoke of transformation and the collective yoga. This talk takes up this subject of how we can participate in the process of world transformation in the light of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.

Looking back, looking forward 2

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Some would say that a new year is after all a convention. In a certain sense everything is a convention, a habit or a pattern woven into our thoughts and beliefs. The universe is born anew each moment and there is nothing in us that repeats the hour that is left behind.

New Year Resolutions cc

New Year Resolutions

An interactive session with school students. Subjects include decisions, impulses and resolutions in everyday life.

The Womb of Night, pp. 221-222

Hell is not so much and outer condition as it is an inner space. It exists in some inner dimension of existence and sometimes its dark influence creeps up in our own life polluting it with its breath.

The Mystery of 5th December 1950

The Mystery of 5th December 1950

5th December is the day of Sri Aurobindo’s withdrawal. This talk touches upon some salient aspects of this Divine Sacrifice.