Listening Off-Line

For off-line listening please use the links below. MP3 files are grouped into ZIP archives, 150 to 250 MB each.

Sri Aurobindo’s Sonnets
Prayers and Meditations of The Mother

Other Disciples & Devotees:
Nolini Kanta Gupta – Talks in English
Nolini Kanta Gupta – Talks in Bengali
Mangesh Nadkarni – Invitation to Savitri
Various Talks by Disciples and Devotees
Musical Performances

Dr Alok Pandey:
Savitri Study Classes in Hindi
Savitri Study Camps
Savitri Satsang
Explorations in Savitri
Talks in English
Tuesday Talks
Talks in Russia
Conversations with Narad

Archives are updated typically every 2 months. Some archives are not ready yet and will be added as they become available.

Please write at if you:
– Experience technical problems;
– Need files with a better quality sound;
– Have other questions