1.5 The Why of Things

Why is the world like this and not otherwise?… The fact is that it is so, isn’t it? and the second fact is that one doesn’t want it thus, and the third is to find the means that it may no longer exist. That is our problem.

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The Inner Truth and the Origin of Life, pp. 120-121

The vision of Life in its totality comes closer to Aswapati as he ascends through the hierarchy of the ladder of Consciousness. At first we have distant glimpses, few and far in-between. Later they are more frequent and the truth that is glimpsed from afar comes closer and nearer.

39.Inner and Outer Being

Inner and Outer Being

What has the inner being to do with Yoga or spiritual life?

It is the outer being that has nothing to do with Yoga or spiritual life unless the inner awakens it.

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1.15 The Ego Cannot Understand the Divine Working

Man …. wishes to be dazzled in order that he may see. And this impatience, this ignorance may turn into a great danger and disaster if …. we call in another distorting Force more satisfying to our impulses and desires and ask it to guide us and give it the Divine Name.

NAdkarni Aug 1999

“Savitri’s Yoga” by Mangesh V Nadkarni

Study Camp we are concluding today marks the tenth year of our collective yajna in the form of the study of Savitri. I feel that the Divine Mother has amply rewarded our tapasya (askesis) by bringing into existence Savitri Bhavan and many, many receptive minds and hearts in Auroville.

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Sri Aurobindo in Baroda, Part 7

The question which has occurred …. even to many of Sri Aurobindo’s close and trusted colleagues — is this: Why did Sri Aurobindo engage in insurrectionary and revolutionary politics? He was one of the foremost leaders of the Nationalist or Extremist party….

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A Vast Impersonality, pp. 552-554 (SH 278)

What could be said of the personality of one whose ego has been dissolved? The person becomes a vast field, an illimitable centre for God’s Work. His speech and his silence help the toiling world. Such is the state of Savitri as described here.

The Role of India 1

The Role of India in the New Creation (in Hindi)

India can become a catalyst in the process of the New Creation. But it is important that India understands its own true heritage. India’s true destiny is to be the Guru of the world, but first it must acquire once again the knowledge of the Spirit, not through book reading but by direct inner experience.