Savitri Study Camp 19-05 pp 492-493 (video)

Released from the prison house of Matter, Savitri enters into the dangerous and delightful, fitful and fanciful world of life. She has come out of individual ignorance but has entered into the cosmic ignorance, a much vaster and mixed territory where truth and error walk hand in hand.


The Choice of Destiny, pp 423-425 (SH 219)

“Savitri has chosen Satyavan for her partner in the game of life. This choice has implications upon future that is yet sealed to human view. But there, in the court of King Aswapati, are seated two great beings – King, a yogi and seer, and Narada, the demigod, who has privy to the book of Fate. A brief exchange between three of them follows.”


7.2 Manipulating Human Nature

“Illness like suffering holds out before our sight the points that need to be shaped and reshaped under the transforming action of Grace. The final remedy also lies in this — to respond whole-heartedly to the pressure of transformation and to consent willingly in all our parts to the action of Grace.”

The Path of Yoga (video)

The Path of Yoga (TE 134)

Spiritual evolution can be very disorienting. We live our lives according to certain set patterns, ideas, beliefs, which are appropriate to the humans. But as we enter into higher levels, experience touch of the limitless vast, these ideas and patterns must fall away…


Explorations in Savitri 067 pp 188-191

“In the sleepy splendour of her noons he saw,
A perpetual repetition through the hours,
Thought’s dance of dragonflies on mystery’s stream
That skim but never test its murmurs’ race,
And heard the laughter of her rose desires […],
Jingling sweet anklet-bells of fantasy.”

23 The Hidden Plan

The Hidden Plan

“However long Night’s hour, I will not dream
That the small ego and the person’s mask
Are all that God reveals in our life-scheme,
The last result of Nature’s cosmic task.”