TMV07 the Hostile Forces

7.2 Possession by Hostile Beings

I must tell you that the origin of these beings is prior to that of the gods; they are the first emanations, the first individual beings of the universe; so they cannot be got rid of so easily, by winning one war. As long as they are necessary for the universal evolution they will exist. The day they lose their utility, they will be converted or will disappear.

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2.20 The Master Walks With Us

“…after we have entered the path, he envelops us with his wide and mighty liberating Impersonality or moves near to us with the face and form of a personal Godhead. In and around us we feel a Power that upholds and protects and cherishes; we hear a Voice that guides; a conscious Will greater than ourselves rules us”

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Sri Aurobindo at Pondicherry 1

About a week after Sri Aurobindo was lodged at Shankar Chetty’s house, a distinguished French thinker and scholar, Paul Richard, came to Pondicherry… “He was sent from France by Mira — she whom we know as the Mother.”[3] She had given him the sketch of a Yogachakra (a mystic symbol) saying that its interpreter was to be found in India and that he who would interpret it was her master and guide in yoga.

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The Chariot of Jagannath (TH 017)

‘The Chariot of Jagannath’ is an ideal that Sri Aurobindo envisaged and explained in his early Bengali writings of the same name. It is the symbol of the collective development of Society with the Divine at its centre.

02 Meditation and Concentration

Meditation and Concentration

Mental work during the meditation — how is that?

The condition of meditation (Yogic concentration) is mental quietude, there can be no mental “work” during meditation.

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The Dreams of Life, pp 164-165

Life, even in this littleness, sometimes dreams of love and beauty, but her means are poor and her instruments inadequate to realise them upon earth. Thus man’s life moves on a low pitch and remains tied to smallness and pettiness, with their attendant sorrow and misery.