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Sharing His Kingdom

It has been a great error of certain religions as well as of a strongly egocentric section of humanity to believe that God created everything for man’s pleasure and enjoyment. Rather we should say that He created all things for His delight.

PM 015 November 29, 1913

November 29, 1913

“WHY all this noise, all this movement, this vain and futile agitation; why this whirlwind carrying men away like a swarm of flies caught in a storm? How sad is the sight of all that wasted energy, all those useless efforts!

53 The Ashram Sadhaks

The Ashram Sadhaks

People believe that drawing down of the higher things is not a desirable movement — there should be an effortless descent.

But that is made an excuse for not doing any active sadhana at all — hence a general tamas and inertia in the Ashram, people taking things easily as if they had only to wait and chat and eat and read and sleep and whatever was necessary would descend of itself some day or other.

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

A Step Towards Victory

We need not suffer this constant sense of a fatality that haunts our lives. We can recreate our fate each moment, rewrite the scroll of destiny, replace the script written by our trembling mind and heart with the script of the soul and thereby change a crisis, even a moment of inevitable death into a door of opportunity and a step towards victory.

GH 11

Nirvana (in Hindi)

This talk is centered around the third major realisation of Sri Aurobindo, Nirvana, which he had in January 1908.

PM 014 February 1, 1914

February 1, 1914

O Lord, eternal Master, enlighten us, guide our steps, show us the way towards the realisation of Thy law, towards the accomplishment of Thy work.

Choice and Destiny

Choice and Destiny

This message is about our role in shaping our destiny. It raises and answers the question if destiny can be changed.

PM 012 November 22, 1913 n

November 22, 1913

A few minutes passed in silence before Thee are worth centuries of felicity…

Daily Notes and Reflections cover 1080

The Key

It is indeed doubt and distrust, depression and despair, most of all fear that closes this inner door from where we can receive help beyond our imagination and stay always and under any and every circumstance with peace and a serene joy

In the Moments of Crisis cover

In the Moments of Crisis

This message is for all who are going through a state of crisis. It directs us to the source of hope and strength within us.