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Life in Life-Heavens, p. 124

The Life-Heavens are essentially worlds of Joy and beauty and love as also of power and glory. In this world strife was replaced by a harmonious embrace of opposites.

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Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 1

As many Indians, let alone foreigners, are not fully aware of the causes of the Partition of Bengal and the national forces that sprang up in reaction to it, we propose to pause upon it for a while before proceeding to take up the narrative of Sri Aurobindo’s political activities in the post-Partition period of the history of Bengal and India.


1.7 The Divine Mother

What is the “transcendent Mother”?

… the transcendent which is above creation, at the origin of creation; the universal which is the creation, and the individual which is self-explanatory […] So these three aspects are also the three aspects of the divine Mother: transcendent, universal and individual.

Foundations 1ms1

Foundations of Indian Culture 1 (in Hindi)

What really is Indian culture? What we see today is a mixture of many currents and streams and forces and practices. But behind it all is the core of Indian culture burning like a flame of aspiration ever bright and high.

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1.18 The Divine Whom We Adore

The Divine that we adore is not only a remote extra-cosmic Reality, but a half-veiled Manifestation present and near to us here in the universe. Life is the field of a divine manifestation not yet complete…

42. Subtle Tastes

Subtle Tastes

I would like to know what that sweet flow is and from where it comes into my mouth.

It is a form of the flow of Ananda from above — when it takes a quite physical form the Yogins call it Amrita.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Worlds of the Deathless, pp. 123-124

The higher worlds of Life are peopled with deathless beings whom we know as gods. Sri Aurobindo gives us a glimpse of these worlds and what they represent in the grand scheme of things.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)

Divinity of Man

… it is the forgetfulness of my real self that has been the cause of all my bondage and misery. We cling to the things of the earth, because we do not know our true glory and greatness, our true affinity to Thee, Mother.

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The Cosmic Spirit and Oneness, pp. 556-557 (SH 280)

Now Savitri arrives at the ultimate stages of her yoga whence She discovers and identifies herself with who She is in her inmost Truth, – the Divine Mother Herself. Though Transcendent and Universal, She has assumed an individual form for the work She has come to do.

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The Forces behind Destruction (HH 241)

War and Destruction are inevitable aspects of life as it is now constituted. Of course man should move beyond this towards an Age of Harmony and Peace. But this cannot happen by a wishful thinking or through government laws. Man must change radically for this miracle of collective existence.