5.7 Reason, Inspiration, Intuition

What is consciousness?

[… ] it is the creative essence of the universe — without consciousness, no universe; for consciousness means objectification. I could also say that consciousness is what “is”, because without consciousness nothing is — this is the best reason.

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2018 Physical Demonstration at the Ashram Sports Ground

The Mother started the Ashram School on 2nd December 1943. Every year the anniversary of the school is celebrated with a cultural programme on the 1st of December and a physical demonstration on the 2nd. This is a video presentation based on Dec 02, 2018 event.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Field of Action of the Lower Vital World, pp. 152-153

This little life is not limited to its domain. It extends onto other domains and casts a great influence on human lives as well. By revealing to us its nature and law of action, Sri Aurobindo is abundantly cautioning us so that we do not fall into their snare.

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Sri Aurobindo in Bengal, Part 16

… Sri Aurobindo once remarked in his evening talks, “When I was arrested, my maternal grand aunt asked Vishuddhananda ‘what will happen to our Aurobindo’? He replied, ‘The Divine Mother has taken him in Her arms. Nothing will happen to him. But he is not your Aurobindo, He is world’s Aurobindo, and the world will be filled with his perfume.’”

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Journey to the Life Divine

A two-part documentary on Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, and their Ashram. The documentary contains quite a few rare video recordings of The Mother and early Ashramites, as well as different places and activities at the Ashram. Produced by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 2010.

O Soul , My Soul - Indra Sen m

O Soul, My Soul!

An essay on the goals of education as The Mother and Sri Aurobindo defined them. Dr Indra Sen also reflects on the Ashram School students answers to the question ‘What does your soul look like?’

The Other side of our Story

The Other Side of Our Story

So far we have played the game unconsciously. But a time comes when we become conscious and discover Them everywhere, in this body and other bodies and beyond all bodies, a luminous and mighty Presence, eternal, all-pervading, Alone.

The Mother's Work on humanity (in Hindi) 1080

Sri Maa ka manusya hetu karya (in Hindi)

Here, today we touch upon a very small but important aspect of Her Work which concerns mainly our humanity and how we can collaborate with it. There are many other aspects of Her Work that are not being discussed here for want of time.

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Divine Mathematics and the Number Twelve (HH 248)

Every human activity, including the Sciences and the Arts trace their origin to some celestial deity, according to the Indian mythology. There is a subtle truth to it when we look at the cosmogony of creation. Today we take up one such branch, that is mathematics, especially with reference to the number twelve.