19 Yoga and the Physical

Yoga and the Physical

the only return we have offered to the Mother is to tire her out by our ego and vital demands.

It is so — if the sadhaks had been different in their reaction to the Mother’s grace, the work in the physical would have been much easier and less perilously subject to hostile attacks

The Greatness of the Great ver 3mod

The Greatness of the Great

Sri Aurobindo from his very birth was an impersonal personality–and, in the very highest sense. He had never the consciousness of a particular individual person […] In his inner being he had not to pass through the gradations that lead an ordinary person gradually towards the widening ranges of consciousness and existence.

The Destiny of India

The Destiny of India

the need of the hour is the way of the Gita, the path shown to us by Sri Aurobindo, – the path that leads us to the reintegration of the Spiritual and material aspects of life, the path that unites God and world, Soul and nature in a harmonious embrace.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Two Faces of Fantasy, pp. 190-191

The world of fantasy and imagination has its own reality. It is not just an escape door but a dwelling place for some. It is important therefore to choose carefully what kind of imagination we shall dwell upon. These creations can give us temporary satisfactions but not the ultimate release or the transformation that our souls seek.


The Aims of the Spiritualised Society

A society which was even initially spiritualised, would make the revealing and finding of the divine Self in man the whole first aim of all its activities, its education, its knowledge, its science, its ethics, its art, its economical and political structure.

C R Reddy - Tributes to Sri Aurobindo

Tributes to Sri Aurobindo – C. R. Reddy

“Sri Aurobindo relieves our despair by the certainty of [the New Life] advent. In the world of death, he, the Immortal, gives us the assurance of Immortality. The world has need of Thee, Sri Aurobindo, and that is why Thou art with us still.”

A Pilgrimage AM 1080

Chapter 5. The House on François Martin Street

a distinguished scholar and savant from France met Sri Aurobindo in secret. His name was Paul Richard. He was sent from France by Mira — she whom we now know as the Mother. She handed over to him the sketch of a yogachakra, saying that its interpreter was to be found in India; and he who could interpret it would alone be her helper and master on the path of yoga.