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The Atheist’s Philosophy, pp. 616-618 (SH 304)

The atheist takes this world as it is and draws his philosophy out of his limited and partial field of observation. He does not feel any urge to go deeper or further. All this is a mechanical movement of an Inconscient nature, going on in a clockwork manner without any sense or purpose, driven by the blind engines of random chance.

Qualities for Life and Yoga (cover)

Qualities for Life and Yoga

The talk is about choices, decisions, and qualities, such as endurance, needed to make our life beautiful and divine. Followed by questions and answers, including ones on Auroville.

A Pilgrimage AM 1080

Chapter 1. A Glimpse of Sri Aurobindo

In 1905 I came to Pondicherry for study. In 1910 Sri Aurobindo also arrived here. What a coincidence! He came to the very town where I had come! I was full of joy, thrilled with delight. A strong desire arose in me that I must see Sri Aurobindo.

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Guru in the Integral Yoga (HH 261)

There is a common misunderstanding with regard to the role of a Guru and who would it be in the Integral Yoga. This question is typical of the times we live in and needs to be addressed especially in the context of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s withdrawal.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

Beings of a Larger Life Kingdom, p. 183

A greater life awaits us beyond our struggling everyday life of dead routine and common acts. Though not yet Divine, it reflects some touch of divinity and awakens us to the higher truths above.

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4.2 Yearning for the Divine Beloved

“… the final demand of the Bhakta is simply that his bhakti may never cease nor diminish. He does not ask for heaven or for liberation from birth or for any other object, but only that his love may be eternal and absolute.”


Man’s Road to Supermanhood

We shall be on the right road to become ourselves, to find our true law of perfection, to live our true, satisfied existence in our real being and divine nature.

TMV08 Ilness and Death 1080

8.7 Heaven and Hell

After death people enter the vital world, but those who do good go to paradise?

Where is your paradise? Who has taught you that? They have spoken to you of heaven and hell and purgatory? It is generally what religious priests say to the faithful to encourage them to do good. For it is a notorious fact that life is not more easy for the good than for the wicked; usually it is the contrary: the wicked succeed better than the good!