A New Chapter in SA Yoga MOD

A New Chapter in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga

It was not just the descent of a plane of consciousness, the highest of the mind-planes that borders the empire of the Supramental Sun, but the descent of Krishna, the Avatara of the past into his very body. It was Sri Krishna tying Himself to Sri Aurobindo’s body, the Avatara or the manifestation of the Supreme in the past uniting with the Avatara of the Future, thereby becoming an irresistible power for the Future Work.

21. The Psychic Being after Death

The Psychic Being after Death

After death, when the vital retires to its vital plane, what does it do there till the psychic calls it back for the next life on the earth?

For most people the vital dissolves after a time as it is not sufficiently formed to be immortal. The soul descending makes a new vital formation suitable for the new life.

1914 08 27 cover

August 27, 1914

Let me be consumed with this love divine, love powerful, infinite, unfathomable, in every activity, in all the worlds of being!


Makings of a Healer

A sharing by Dr Alok Pandey with the students of H M Patel Centre for Medical Care and Education, Karamsad, Gujarat.

SA Interpretations of Dreams and Visions part 1 m

Sri Aurobindo’s Interpretations of Dreams and Visions of Champaklal (1/2)

“The particular things seen may be of no importance, but the power of seeing is of importance and can be of great help in the Yoga. It enables you to see things belonging to other planes (other than the physical) and get knowledge that is useful for sadhana; also to have concrete contact with the Mother in those planes (mental, vital, psychic worlds) etc.”

68 Divine Sense

Divine Sense

The body burns with Thy rapture’s sacred fire,
Pure, passionate, holy, virgin of desire.

20. The Central Being and the Psychic

The Central Being and the Psychic

Would you please indicate the difference between the psychic being and what is called the central being? Is our psychic a part of this central being and does it receive the Divine’s help through it? In Yoga, how does our central being stand in relation to the other parts of our being?

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The Realm of the Gods pp 57-58

In the passage that follows we have a description of the upper pole of the ladder, the stair where the great Gods reside, the Overmind world that borders on the Supermind. Sri Aurobindo describes the relation these great and luminous beings have with our world, the mysterious and ill-understood way of their working, their effect and influence upon our humanity.