11. The Physical Being

The Physical Being

The Year 1933 Can I not command my body to cut down its sleep to two or three hours only? I have heard that many Yogis are able to minimise their sleep. It is not possible to do at once what you like with the body. If the body is told to sleep only 2 Read More

1914 04 10 cover

April 10, 1914

“SUDDENLY the veil was rent, the horizon was disclosed, and before the clear vision my whole being threw itself at Thy feet in a great outburst of gratitude. Yet in spite of this deep and integral joy, all was calm, all was peaceful with the peace of eternity.”

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Divine Love as the Base and Core of Everything (HH 217)

Tomorrow is the day of Mahakali puja, and The Mother’s chair is kept at the Ashram where devotees go to receive the same Blessings and feel the invisible Presence watching over their destinies. Therefore we close this year’s readings with Divine Love. The 18th Oct is also Pranab Da’s birthday and hence we also take up a small extract from his stock of memories.

63 Adwaita


“A lonely Calm and void unchanging Peace
On the dumb crest of Nature’s mysteries.”

Dreams and Visions m

Dreams: How to Remember, Interpret – The Mother

“The procedure to deal with dreams…. Become conscious of your dreams. Observe the relation between them and the happenings of your waking hours…. In sleep some action or other is always going on in your mental or vital or other plane; things happen there and they govern your waking consciousness.”

10. Emergence of the True Vital Being

Emergence of the True Vital Being

… today I found for the first time that my heart took certain things very deeply. I don’t know how to keep it under the psychic control

The heart is part of the vital — it has to be controlled in the same way as the rest, by rejection of the wrong movements, by acceptance of the true psychic surrender which prevents all demand and clamour, by calling in the higher light and knowledge.

The Yoga of the Earth

The Yoga of the Earth pp 50-52

For Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the Earth is not just a piece of mud and clay but a conscious being, a soul, a goddess, which occupies a special place in creation since it is only upon Earth that there is found the psychic presence. That is why we see here upon Earth an impulse for evolution, which becomes in human beings an urge for conscious growth, conscious progress and ultimately an aspiration for yoga.