Meditations by Anilbaran


This will in us is a reflection of Thy will in us, О Divine Mother, and this is the secret of its strength; it is here to take us back to Thee. Purified and transformed, it will be an effective instrument of Thy manifestation on the earth.

1. The Physical, Preface to the Physical

The Physical – Preface

It is the nature of the physical mind to be obstinate. Physical nature exists by constant repetition of the same thing […]. When therefore we want to get rid of the old movements of physical nature, they resist by this kind of obstinate recurrence. One has to be very persistent in rejection to get rid of it.



Although consenting here to a mortal body,
He is the Undying; limit and bond he knows not;
For him the aeons are a playground,
Life and its deeds are his splendid shadow.

Spiritual life and the sexual instinct

Spiritual Life and the Sexual Instinct

The second talk by Dr Alok Pandey about dealing with psychological challenges on the spiritual path in the light of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo at the event, organised at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, Auroville, by Sante (Auroville Institute for Integral Health).

Health and Healing cover

1.9-1.10 Therapy and Healing

“the simple answer is that go to a physician in whom you can place your trust and take the medicine in which you have faith. In any case, no system is perfect and there is no panacea for human maladies. So ultimately, the highest wisdom is to do what you can and leave the rest in the hands of a greater Power.”

53. The Divine and the Avatar

The Divine and the Avatar

We believe that both you and the Mother are Avatars. It is said that you and she have been on the earth constantly since its creation. What were you doing during your previous lives?

Carrying on the evolution.

Savitri in Hindi Cover 1920 1080

The Deformed Chained God, pp 510-513 (SH 259)

This power from god, embedded in our soul to help us move through the difficult and dangerous routes of our evolutionary future, is deformed in the ego-bound human consciousness. It becomes limited and distorted in the boundaries of the human ignorance and deviates from its true purpose.

Savitri 73 cover

The Great Descent pp. 80-81

Even as Aswapati continues his ascension further, he is greeted by an unexpected movement from Above. The Transcendent towards whom he is aspiring not only receives him but comes down and embraces him. It is the yoga of Supramental descent that begins to enter into the yoga of Ascension.