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Meeting The Mother – Tapas Bhatt, Auroville (video)

“The Mother. An inner story by Auroville pioneers”.  Episode with Tapas Bhatt. In English. Directed by Fred Cebron. Please find below an essay on The Mother by Tapas. It was earlier published in a compilation “DARSHAN: Remembering Sweet Mother and Sri Aurobindo”, SAIIER 2006, p 187.   Everything Happened around the Mother’s Movements and Her Timetable The life Read More

The Flame of Gor or the Psychic being

The Flame of God or the Psychic Being p 23

The psychic being leads man from birth to birth, through the doors of death, in numberless names and forms until man the individual grows into an image true of God. Aswapati himself has traced this journey through many lives until he has become the center of the Divine Descent.

1913 02 10 cover

February 10, 1913

“Let Thy glory be proclaimed,
And sanctify life;
Let it transform men’s hearts,
And Thy Peace reign on earth.”

34 The Stone Goddess

The Stone Goddess

The sonnet is reflecting Sri Aurobindo’s own spiritual experience, elsewhere described as “… you stand before a temple of Kali beside a sacred river and see what? A sculpture, a gracious piece of architecture, but in a moment mysteriously, unexpectedly there is instead a Presence, a Power, a Face that looks into yours, an inner sight in you has regarded the World-Mother.”

Veda of the body bk 780

7.6 The Healer Within (Part 1)

“… in the heart, in the silent depths beyond thoughts and emotions and desires, in the cave of God there dwells our secret soul. One of the methods of contacting is given below. There are others and one may choose according to one’s temperament. But whatever the method chosen, one must be armed with patience and sincerity. This is the most radical of all efforts, with results and effects that would last beyond a lifetime and for all future lives to come.”

Relics - Pandit-ji

“Significance of the Relics” by Madhav P. Pandit

The special atmosphere created by the Relics must be tended, preserved by the devotees… It is vibrant focus of a special spiritual Force that has been brought down from the world of Light on Earth to guide and lead its Journey to the Sun of Truth.

Message to America (space)

Message to America by Sri Aurobindo

“It is no longer towards division and difference that we should turn our minds, but on unity, union, even oneness necessary for the pursuit and realisation of a common ideal, the destined goal, the fulfilment towards which Nature in her beginning obscurely set out and must in an increasing light of knowledge replacing her first ignorance constantly persevere.”

Invitation 720 a

“Invitation to Savitri” by Prof Nadkarni Part 15

With the beginning of Part Two, we have a different kind of poetic enterprise. Books 4 and 5 together cover ground which you don’t find in Vyasa’s ‘Savitri’. Sri Aurobindo takes great delight in describing Savitri’s childhood and youth.

1913 02 08 cover 1280

February 8, 1913

O LORD, Thou art my refuge and my blessing, my strength, my health, my hope, and my courage.
[…] and that worship goes up from my heart and my mind towards Thee like the pure smoke of incense of the perfumes of India.

33 The Godhead

The Godhead

“His hair was mingled with the sun and breeze;
The world was in His heart and He was I:
I housed in me the Everlasting’s peace,
The strength of One whose substance cannot die.”

B01C03 Opening

Opening Remarks for Book One Canto III

Thus far, in Cantos One and Two of Book One, we have been given a brief background of Savitri’s work. It is a cosmic work that she has undertaken, against which are arraigned powers of darkness that do not wish to see the Advent and growth of Light upon earth.