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Explorations in Savitri 132, pp. 329-331

Himself he knew and why his soul had gone
Into earth’s passionate obscurity
To share the labour of an errant Power
Which by division hopes to find the One.
Two beings he was, one wide and free above,
One struggling, bound, intense, its portion here.

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

A Distorting Influence, pp. 205-206

Falsehood draws its material from truth but gives it a twist thereby turning it into a lie. Its action is a distorting influence on things. Deception and terror is the law of life in this world. It is a world devoid of natural joy and good.

TH 044 Ilion 6 The Irony of Destiny 1080

Ilion 6: The Irony of Destiny (TH 044)

Here Sri Aurobindo reveals the feelings of most of the key characters of Ilion in his unique way. The mothers, the lovers, the workmen, the peasants, the judges and the great warriors go about their normal lives without the least idea of the destruction that the future is going to bring about.

TFSA 19 Unity and Diversity

Unity and Diversity

“… in this harmony between our unity and our diversity lies the secret of life; Nature insists equally in all her works upon unity and upon variation.”

28 General Sadhana

General Sadhana

“A thousand questions can be asked about anything whatsoever, but to answer would require a volume, and even then the mind would understand nothing. It is only by a growth in the consciousness itself that you can get some direct perception of these things. But for that the mind must be quiet and a direct feeling and intuition take its place.”

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Descent into Night, pp. 204-205

Aswapati begins his descent into the Night. At first he enters into a realm built by the waste and destruction of past forms that have served their utility and gone into oblivion. They survive only in their outer form even though the spirit has passed away.

Army of Light and Truth2

Prakash ka Yodha (in Hindi)

This talk focuses on the warrior aspect of one aspiring for a greater life. It takes up especially the aspect of Truth that we must discover before becoming instruments of the Divine. It also deals with the qualities of a true leader.

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Hidden Bliss at the Root of Things, pp. 629-631 (SH 312)

The passage that follows reveals to us that the origin of Creation is Bliss. So also the purpose of creation is to embody and enshrine this bliss. That is why all creatures find some little fragment, search for some small morsel of bliss, however limited, partial and degraded it be.