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The Logic of Evolution, pp. 112-113

Because all creation is interconnected and linked to the One, there is not only an interdependence but also a mutual drawing up of all things towards the Divine. But this process is graded as we are influenced by higher and higher levels of consciousness.

Balcony Darshan

Darshan Days at the Ashram – a Brief History and Significance

Coming to Darshan proper in its original sense, some people wonder why is it so difficult to see the Lord, the Divine who is the sole Omnipresent Reality behind appearances? It is clearly not a fault of the Deity within but a limitation of our own organ of sight. It is difficult for us even to behold the sun in our solar system except during sun rise and sunset…

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Sri Aurobindo in Baroda, Part 2

The goal which Sri Aurobindo held up before himself at that early age when he wrote these letters to his wife, was not escape, not Nirvana, but God; not extinction of life, but its expansion and enrichment, its divine illumination, utilisation and fulfilment.

Meditations - Anilbaran (new)

Divine Presence

Now I do realise that Thou art more near and dear to me than what I regard to be my own self; Thou takest more care of me than ever I can take of myself; in the form of the Divine Mother Thou hast come to me, my Lord, and openly declared Thy love…

Savitri - Creating a New Humanity 1080

Savitri: Creating a New Humanity

Savitri, the mantra of transformation is not only a vision but also an action. Sri Aurobindo has revealed here all that has to be known of our past, our present and the future of the human race with earth as the center-stage of the epic drama of creation.

33. Tamasic Surrender

Tamasic Surrender

I pray to the Mother to see the plight of her child …. and know how the vital has filled it with agony and pain.

…. There must be no tamasic (inert, passive) surrender to the Mother…. Surrender must be luminous, active, a willed offering to the Mother and reception of her Force and support to its workings, at the same time a strong vigilant will to reject all that is not hers. Too many sadhaks cry before the attacks of their lower nature “I am helpless, I cannot react…”

Weekly Readings in Savitri gen cover

The Vast Oneness of Creation, pp. 110-112

Sri Aurobindo reminds us that there are greater and diviner possibilities concealed in the high peaks of Nature; a higher Nature beyond our limited lower Nature that the earth dreams to embody here. That is the original plan that the Divine Will intends upon earth and in man.

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1.9 Karmayoga

The Path of Works aims at the dedication of every human activity to the supreme Will. It begins by the renunciation of all egoistic aim for our works, all pursuit of action for an interested aim or for the sake of a worldly result. By this renunciation it so purifies the mind and the will …