True Love for the Mother

“…Keep your love pure of all selfish claim and desire; you will find that you are getting all the love that you can bear and absorb in answer.”


Look up, O child of the ancient Yoga

“Look up, O child of the ancient Yoga, and be no longer a trembler and a doubter; fear not, doubt not, grieve not; for in your apparent body is One who can create & destroy worlds with a breath.”


Savitri, The Book

“Savitri for Sri Aurobindo was not a book to be started and finished but an unending tapasya. Savitri has accompanied his spiritual journey and as he went further and further, higher and higher into the realms of the Unknown, he modified Savitri to further embody the states of consciousness that he experienced in course of his tapasya. Thus Savitri becomes an embodiment of Sri Aurobindo’s Consciousness, his Will bequeathed to earth and men. “


Savitri, the Ancient Story

Savitri is an ancient Indian tale of conjugal love conquering Death. The story, belonging to the Vedic cycle is, like many other such stories, clearly symbolic. It has been preserved in the memory of the race through tradition and ritual. Even though its deeper meaning often remains veiled to the common understanding, yet it points Read More


6.1 Stress – Helps or Kills?

“…what appears as a crisis and a challenge at the biological level is a pressure for liberation and transformation at the deepest psychological level. All that resists this transformative pressure of evolutionary change — fear, suspicion, greed, desire — leads to disease, disorder and eventually death. All that responds to the evolutionary urge — plasticity, love, faith, courage — grows and develops into a higher perfection.”


Now I Have Borne

“Now I have borne Thy presence and Thy light,
Eternity assumes me and I am
A vastness of tranquillity and flame,
My heart a deep Atlantic of delight…..”


“The Ever-Living Presence” Part 03/10 The Two Goals

Questions such as did They complete Their Work etc are absurd in the first place. To begin with, we as a human race did not even know that there is such a Work undertaken by the Divine; that creation has a grand purpose and is on the road to its fulfilment. We became aware only because They shared it with us and they shared it so that we can consciously collaborate and have the joy of participating.


Weekly Readings in Savitri: Book One Summary

Book One, as the name itself suggests is the Book of Beginnings. It sets the note and the backdrop of the epic. The Beginning referred to here is the beginning of King Aswapati’s Yoga, his central aspiration to save Earth and humanity from its strange predicament of a never-ending cycle of rise and fall.