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A Changeless Change, p. 198

Changing in appearances, life continues to be a field of suffering. New hope awakens and then fades away, new practices and ways of living come and go while life continues to linger shackled by the chains of Ignorance tied to her feet.

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5.6 The Kind of Faith Demanded

“… even a blind and ignorant faith is a better possession than the sceptical doubt which turns its back on our spiritual possibilities or the constant carping of the narrow pettily critical uncreative intellect”

Is it enough, O spirit fin cover

Is it enough, O spirit?

Selections from a performance in Auroville, based on Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri, Book 7 ‘The Book of Yoga’. Recorded and edited by Manohar, Auroville.

TMV10 free will

10.3 The Intervention of the Grace

If you see some catastrophe coming, can you, Mother, by your effort change it?

That depends upon the nature of the event. There are many things…. That depends also upon the level from which one sees.

23 The Subconscient

The Subconscient

Subconscient and material are parts of the lower nature. The subconscient is the basis of conservation. There is a general violent resistance by the vital in the sadhaks against change, a resistance for which there is no true reason except the subconscient unwillingness to alter the obscure foundations of human character.

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The Dual Nature, pp. 625-626 (SH 309)

Savitri reveals to Death how our nature swinging between extremes tends to veil the One Divine. In reality these are masks of the Divine and each is a needed step in our growth out of ignorance towards the all-comprehending Wisdom.